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General Liability

General Liability Insurance covers claims of injury, bodily or physical, and property damage. Often, it is offered in a package with Property Insurance. This insurance is meant to protect your business against accidents that occur on your property and at any other covered locations. Commercial General Liability makes it so your business carries on while it faces claims, such as negligence.

Workers Compensation

If a worker gets injured on the job and requires medical treatment, you’ll be happy to have a Workers’ Compensation Insurance plan. This plan will also cover lost wages and services that help an employee recover and get back to work.

Commercial Property

This type of insurance protects your business’s physical assets, such as workspace and computers. It doesn’t matter if you work from home or lease your work space. Commercial Building and/or Property Insurance works for every business. The plans vary but are usually categorized by the kind of event that led to the loss. Fires and natural disasters are great examples of this. Plans can be customized based on location and business-type, so if you live in a flood zone, you can get additional coverage to protect your business, or if you run a business that has many physical records, it’s possible to get insurance coverage for that, too.

Business Owners Policy (BOP)

An insurance plan good for small to medium-sized businesses, BOP packages together elements of General Liability and Commercial Property. Depending on the carrier, a Business Owners’ Policy plan may include elements of Crime Insurance and EPLI.

Professional Liability

This insurance is great for businesses who offer advice to their clients. Professional Liability Insurance specifically covers a business from being liable should an error or omission occur, that leads to a financial loss for the customer.

Errors & Omissions (E&O)

This insurance provides a business with protection should a mistake have been made while delivering professional services. Your General Liability policy will not provide you with this level of protection, so if your company gives advice or provides contracting services you may need this insurance.

Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice coverage is liability insurance that protects physicians and other licensed medical professionals from liability associated with wrongful practices resulting in medical expenses and property damage, bodily injury, as well as legal costs related to patient claims.

Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella Liability can be a great solution for a business that needs more liability coverage than what is offered in their General Liability, Employer’s Liability or Auto Liability Plan. Umbrella coverage can be purchased as a standalone policy or can be bundled with a General Liability policy.

Directors & Officers (D&O)

The directors and officers of a privately-held company are at risk from suits by a variety of different people, such as customers, competitors, suppliers and government agencies. However, the greatest number of lawsuits against directors and officers come from the employees of a company itself. Directors and Officers Insurance covers your management team, should things go south. You’ll often find D&O packaged with EPLI.

Cyber Liability

This insurance covers a company in the event of a data breach in which sensitive customer information is leaked. These policies cover expenses, such as notification costs, credit monitoring, fines and penalties, defense costs, and loss resulting from identify theft.

Inland Marine

This insurance protects goods in transit on land, as well as the property of others that is on your premises or being transported from your premises. An Inland Marine policy is crucial if your business ships goods of any kind on land.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)

EPLI is a liability insurance that covers wrongful acts, such as wrongful termination, discrimination, sexual harassment and retaliation. This insurance may also protect your business from other employee-related claims, such as deprivation of a career opportunity, defamation, invasion of privacy, failure to promote, and negligent evaluation.

Commercial Auto

Just like your personal auto policy, Commercial Auto Insurance, covers liability, collision, and medical payments should an accident occur with your commercial vehicle. Your personal auto policy will not cover damages while the vehicle is being used for business purposes.

Disability Insurance

This insurance offers protection to employees who are unable to work for a period of time due to a disability.

Health Insurance

This insurance is incredibly important to the health and happiness of your employees.

Product Liability

This insurance covers a business should they need to recall one of their products. Product Recall Insurance will cover the cost of getting a defective product back under the control of the manufacturer or merchandiser that would be held responsible for bodily injury or property damage due to the existence of the product.

Pollution Liability

This specialized insurance policy covers liability associated with pollution. An Environmental Impairment policy may also cover cleanup costs.

Business Interruption

Business Interruption Insurance covers you for lost income if your company has to vacate its location due to damage caused by a disaster, such as a fire. This policy also covers operating expenses, such as electricity, that continue to bill even though your business activities are on pause.

Hired & Non-Owned Auto

If your company hires vehicles or allows employees to borrow company vehicles for business purposes, you will need this insurance. It will cover claims of personal injury and property damage should something go wrong on the job.

Ocean Marine

This insurance protects cargo, vessels and other items that are being transported over water. The vessel owner and the cargo owner are covered under this type of insurance.

Equipment Breakdown

This insurance protects a broad range of equipment against breakdowns caused by motor burnout, power surges, boiler malfunction, and operator error. Equipment Breakdown covers the cost to replace or repair the damaged equipment, as well as other expenses incurred due to the damaged equipment.

Garage Liability

Small businesses in the auto trade industry need Business Garage Insurance to protect them from a variety of risks, including injuries, mistakes or property damage.

Employee Benefits Liability

This plan covers an employer in the event of an errors or omissions claim from an employee around a benefits plan. Errors and omissions covered in this plan can include failure to advise an employee of benefits they are entitled to, failure to enroll an employee, and giving incorrect advice in regards to benefits.

Liquor Liability

Any business that sells or serves alcoholic beverages can be held liable for damages or injuries caused by an overserved patron. This can include damages that result from fights, careless behavior or automobile accidents. While it may seem unfair to hold the business responsible for the acts of an unruly and intoxicated patron, establishments are held liable and can be sued for large sums of money. Fortunately, with a good Liquor Liability policy, businesses are able to protect themselves should things get out of control. These policies are sometimes bundled with a General Liability policy, but are most often purchased as standalone coverage.


This type of insurance helps you cover the losses resulting from criminal acts such as robbery, burglary and other forms of theft. Many businesses choose Crime Insurance policies that allow them to file claims for internal theft or other offenses with the potential to cause financial problems.

Surety Bond

This is a promise by a surety to pay the obligee an agreed upon amount if the principal fails to meet an obligation that was set forth by the obligee. This bond holds the principal liable for losses should they fail to fulfil their obligations.

Fiduciary Bond

A Fiduciary Bond and a Fiduciary Liability policy are two separate things, but they also work together to protect your business’s retirement plan or pension fund. The bond protects the plan from losses due to dishonesty or fraud while the liability coverage provides protection in the case of breach of fiduciary duty on the part of the plan managers.

Special Events

This insurance will provide you with coverage if you are throwing a special event. Special Events Insurance will cover claims of bodily injury, property damage and provides coverage for any contractors you hire.

Fidelity Bond

A fidelity bond is an insurance product that protects a business from any financial losses they are subjected to as a result of fraudulent or dishonest acts committed by their employees. It is incredibly important to have if your business collects personal or financial information from customers. This bond will protect you should your employees engage in activities such as embezzlement, identity theft, or other fraudulent, dishonest activities.

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