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IT Consultant Insurance

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do IT Consultants need insurance?

These establishments offer technology consulting services like telecommunications and utility management. Administrative and general management consulting; human resources consulting; marketing consulting, and logistics consulting are not part of this industry.

Whether you provide consulting services as an employee or a firm or you are the owner of an IT consulting services business, it is important that you protect yourself with the right insurance. Your insurance will shield your business and personal assets from the many known and unknown risks by paying for medical fees, attorney fees, legal fees and other costs of the covered risks.

What risks do IT Consultants face?

IT consulting services provide professional advice to clients on how to best use the technology in their organization. Here are some potential risks that your business could face:

  • If there is a mistake in the service you provide, or you fail to meet your client's needs, you’ll be held liable and the client may sue your business.
  • Your computer could be damaged by fire or flood and you have to repair or replace the damaged equipment.
  • Your employee becomes sick on the job. You’ll be responsible for the employee’s medical fees.
  • An employee files a claim because you failed to promote him or her.

How much does IT Consultant Insurance cost?

There are several factors that determine the cost of insurance for IT consulting services. To find out the cost of your insurance, simply answer a few questions at our online application and receive a free quote immediately. You can also talk to our insurance experts on the phone.

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