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Insurance for Bakeries

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do Bakeries need insurance?

Bakeries are known for their homemade treats and welcoming aromas that fill the air. Whether customers come to you for their wedding or birthday cakes, brunch spread, or a quick snack on the road, you add happiness to their day. Working in the food business also brings risks that can turn happy moments into unhappy ones. Baker insurance protects your bakery from these risks and the lawsuits that often follow.

What are common risks Bakeries could face?

Bakers often face these risks:

  • Food Poisoning: Working with eggs, fruits, and milk is risky. If any of these ingredients spoil and make customers sick, they can file a lawsuit. The rise of food allergies is also important to consider. If you fail to maintain a clean baking environment and nuts are cross-contaminated, your baked goods can cause serious illness and even death.
  • Failure to Deliver: As a baker, you know delivering what you promise on time is crucial to your customer’s event or party. Sometimes employees fail to show up, a wrong ingredient is used, or a cake falls on the floor delaying your completed masterpiece. Failing to deliver leaves the door open for lawsuits from unhappy customers.
  • Employee Injury: Bakers use tools including knives that can cause significant injury. If an employee cuts themselves and requires medical attention, you are responsible for the bill.
  • Auto Accidents: If you cause an accident while delivering a wedding cake, your business is responsible for any damages.
  • Food Spoilage: Refrigeration systems are valuable when they work. But, when one breaks without your knowledge and thousands of dollars of food are spoiled, it is an unexpected expense you can’t usually afford.

How much does Bakery Insurance cost?

Baker insurance costs vary depending on the carrier you choose. Most insurance companies review your claim history, qualifications, health inspections, and whether you offer delivery to calculate your bakery insurance costs. You can request a Baker Insurance quote today by completing the form below.

What is Bakers insurance?

Bakers insurance provides coverage against third-party claims from various lawsuits arising from your business operations. It covers claims for illness caused by the products manufactured, equipment loss, slip and fall accidents and other related claims.

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