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Contractors Insurance

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What insurance do contractors need?

General Liability

General Liability insurance will cover your business if you or an employee damages any property. It also covers medical care costs and legal fees if you or an employee injures somebody.

Example… You’re working on a client’s home and a brick falls on your client below, causing them a serious leg injury. General Liability covers their medical expenses and legal fees if they sue you.

Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation covers lost wages and medical treatment to an employee who suffers a work-related injury. It also reimburses them for lost wages until they can return to work. In many states, Workers Compensation is obligatory.

Example… An employee falls off of a ladder. WC covers their medical expenses and helps them get back on their feet. It also blocks them from suing you.

Commercial Auto

Commercial auto insurance covers you if your truck is involved in an auto accident. You’ll be covered for property damage, medical bills, and vehicle damage caused by vandalism or theft.

Example… You’re driving to a worksite and your truck collides with another motorist, causing injury. Commercial auto insurance covers their medical costs, your defence costs and repairs for your truck.

Business Owners Policy

Business Owners Policy (BOP) allows contractors to bundle together General Liability with other covers, including Commercial Auto and Workers Comp. BOP may save you money as it comes with a discounted price tag.

Example... A Business Owners Policy protects your business should one of your employees get into an auto accident and damages property.

Umbrella Policy

Commercial Umbrella Insurance provides additional coverage beyond the policy limits of liability insurance policies.

Example... Scaffolding falls from a height, hitting a pedestrian leaving them paralyzed. Their long-term medical bills and court claims against you exceed the limits of your commercial general liability policy. An umbrella policy can provide additional insurance coverage.

Professional Liability

Contractors Professional Liability insurance coverage contractors for construction errors while providing design and building services. It also cover errors made by the subcontractors you hire.

Example… Your architect miscalculates the parameters for a new building design, leading to re-work in construction and loss of use. Professional Liability covers economic and reputational damage.

FAQs: Contractors Insurance

What kind of insurance should a contractor have?

CoverWallet’s insurance specialists will work with you to create a policy tailored specifically for your contractors business, so you only pay for the coverages you require.

Are contractors required to have insurance?

Without insurance you could be held personally liable for a mistake on the job. Additionally, before bidding or taking on a job, you may be required to show proof of insurance.

How much does insurance for contractors cost?

The cost of insurance will depend on a few different factors including location, history of previous claims, current and past business activities, payroll amounts, the number of years you’ve been in business and the size and type of your business.

The best way to get an accurate idea of cost is to get a quote specific to the needs of your business.

I'm a general contractor, does this insurance allow me to hire subcontractors?

Yes. Your subcontractors must have the legally needed permits, as well as their own insurance with limits equivalent to or larger than yours, and you must be mentioned as an extra insured on their policy.

In the event of a claim, you'll need to maintain this documents on file for an adjuster to evaluate.

Will my policy include coverage for work that I don't have a license for?

We, too, demand a license if your state does. However, in most places where insurance is required to obtain a license, we do provide the option to purchase a policy on the condition that you agree to obtain all necessary licenses prior to working.

However, keep in mind that if you aren't functioning lawfully, your claim will most likely be denied. You are welcome to apply for a policy if your state does not require you to obtain a license for a certain area of employment.

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