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When you need a little extra space — or a lot — a commercial trailer can increase your hauling capacity dramatically. In some cases, such as a food trailer or a concessions trailer, the trailer becomes a towable business on wheels. Utility trailers are also common business additions for contractors, lawn service companies, and other small businesses that haul equipment, finished goods, or supplies.

Whether it’s food trailer insurance, concession trailer insurance, or utility trailer insurance, you’ll want a policy that properly protects your business against liability and losses.

Types of Trailers to insure

Commercial trailers come in all shapes and sizes, with some trailers built for a specific purpose, like a mobile food business, while others are designed for general use, such as utility trailers.

Here are some of the common types of trailers covered by trailer insurance:

  • Travel trailer
  • Utility trailers
  • Food truck trailer
  • Flatbed trailer
  • Semi-trailer
  • Auto hauler
  • Concessions trailer
  • Refrigerated trailer
  • Tank trailer
  • Logging trailer.
  • Lowboy trailer
  • Horse trailer
  • Livestock trailer
  • Dump trailer
  • And more...

What does Trailer Insurance Cover?

In most cases, the liability insurance from your Commercial Auto Insurance policy extends to your trailer as well, which is another reason to be sure your Commercial Auto Insurance liability limits are sufficient to fully protect your business. Trailer insurance can provide protection against losses due to several other risks. Most Commercial Auto Insurance policies don’t cover damage to the trailer itself, meaning that if your trailer is involved in an accident, the damage can be an out-of-pocket loss. Trailer insurance can cover this gap and can optionally provide coverage for a number of additional risks such as fire, theft, or vandalism. In some cases, particularly for specialized trailers, the cost of replacing the trailer can be higher than the cost of replacing the truck or van that tows the trailer, making trailer insurance a must for many small businesses and business owners.

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How much does Commercial Trailer Insurance Cost?

Rates for trailer insurance coverage can vary based on the type of trailer and its insured value. Claims history and driving record can also be factors in premiums for Commercial Auto Insurance and related policies. Fortunately, it’s fast and easy to get a quote. Just reach out to CoverWallet’s team of experienced insurance agents.

What other types of insurance do I need?

Your commercial trailer is an integral part of your business. In some industries, like a food trailer, the trailer is the key component of the business. Protecting your trailer is half the battle. You’ll also need to protect your business from risks not covered by your Commercial Auto Insurance or your trailer insurance policy.

Commercial General Liability Insurance is the foundation of any business insurance coverage strategy, protecting your business against a wider range of liability risks such as bodily injury liability, property damage liability, and personal injury or advertising liability. You might also consider a Commercial Package Policy, which combines the coverages you’ll need into one convenient policy .

In nearly all states, and in many industries, Workers’ Compensation coverage is required by law. CoverWallet’s team of independent agents can help you find the right coverages so you’ll be protected and your business can avoid costly fines.

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