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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do Personal Services need insurance?

In this industry, businesses provide services such as bail bonding, social escorting, wedding planning, dating, hair removal, tanning, weaving, massage, and permanent makeup application.

Your personal services business needs insurance as it covers the costly expenses of lawsuits, medical expenses, property damage, and other risks. When a liability claim against your business happens, for example, the insurance will pay the cost of defending the claim including the litigation and judgments awarded by courts. You won't pay a single penny up to the limits you select; therefore, your business and even your personal assets are protected.

What risks do Personal Services face?

The type of business that you do poses a lot of risks. Below are some examples:

  • Your business faces a slander case because one of your employees got into a fight with one of your customers and said things that resulted in the lawsuit.

  • A customer trips on a loose wire in your office that you were about to fix. This causes your customer to suffer injuries. While you provided the medical payments, the customer isn't satisfied and files a slip and fall claim against your business.

  • An employee files a complaint that the salary you are giving them is not enough.

How much does insurance for Personal Services cost?

There is no fixed cost of insurance for personal services as it mostly depends on the size of your business, the coverage required, the number of employees, and many other factors. To know the cost of your insurance fast, simply apply for a free quote online or call our insurance experts directly.

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