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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do Medical Laboratories need insurance?

Medical laboratories provide body fluid analysis and other diagnostic services. Duties that these laboratories perform include blood analysis, medical pathology, medical bacteriological, medical testing, and medical forensics.

Medical laboratories need insurance to protect their business from the many known and unknown risks. It shields your business and personal assets from costly medical fees, lawsuits and other risks that may fall on your business. And all the insurance requires is for you to pay a monthly fee for the protection to take effect.

What risks do Medical Laboratories face?

Medical laboratories face a unique set of risks, below are some examples:

  • Your laboratory has missed some of the tests which have been proven to cause the patient to get sick even more because it wasn't treated properly.
  • A patient entering your laboratory slips on a spill and is injured. This could charge your business not only the medical bills but defense costs if the patient decides to sue your business.
  • Your mobile laboratory is involved in an auto accident in which you are at fault.
  • Your medical laboratory catches fire in which your laboratory equipment got destroyed.

How much does Medical Laboratory insurance cost?

The cost of insurance for medical laboratories will depend on the size of your laboratory, the coverage required, the number of employees you have and other information. To find out the cost of your insurance policy, simply apply online to get a free quote or talk directly to our insurance experts.

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