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Insurance for Landscape Architects

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do Landscape Architects need insurance?

Landscape architectural service businesses work with a variety of clients on land planning projects. Customers rely on your advice and expertise to bring their ideas to light. Whether you offer landscape design advice, plan garden layouts and land use or provide surveying services, your business needs insurance. Business insurance protects your financial resources, reputation, and future during worst-case scenarios that result in high expenses and lawsuits.

Companies in this industry offer a wide range of services such as aerial geophysical surveying, garden planning, geological surveying, golf course or ski area design, magnetic geophysical surveying, landscape consulting, seismic geophysical surveying, industrial land use planning, and landscape design.

What risks could Landscape Architects face?

There are a number of risks you face every day:

  • Design Mistake: If you fail to include an important safety feature in your design and damage results because of it, you can be held liable.
  • Bad Advice: Customers trust your advice and instincts. If you offer advice that doesn’t work or is detrimental to their well-being, they can file a lawsuit for the negative damages.
  • Employee Injury: Land surveyors are often in dangerous areas like alongside busy highways. If a driver hits the surveyor, your business could be responsible for all expenses and lost wages due to the accident.
  • Auto Accident: Traveling to job sites poses driving risks. If an accident occurs in your employee's personal vehicle for business purposes, their auto policy won’t cover it. Your business is responsible for damage to the vehicle and any other property damage or injury.
  • Theft: Landscape architectural services require expensive special equipment. If your equipment is stolen, how will you afford to replace it?

How much does Landscape Architects Insurance cost?

There is no cookie-cutter insurance policy for landscape architects. Each insurance company is different and uniquely calculates premiums. Most companies will need a detailed explanation of your services, safety procedures, past claims history, and a summary of your experience. You can request an insurance quote for landscape architectural services today by filling out our online form.

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