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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do Exterminating and Pest Control Services need insurance?

These establishments control and exterminate insects and other pests, such as rodents. As your business grows it faces more clients, and your exterminating and pest control service is at risk. Insurance will cover your business from many known and unknown risks by paying for it first until it has reached its limits.

What risks do Exterminating and Pest Control Services face?

Running an exterminating and pest control services comes with a lot of risks, including these:

  • You miscalculate the chemicals used for getting rid of pests. This results in property damage. Your business could be sued for the property damage your pest exterminating services have done.
  • Since your business deals with a lot of chemicals, there’s a high risk that your employees could become sick or injured on the job. You would be responsible for all expenses.
  • Most pest extermination chemicals are flammable. The property where you store your chemicals can be at risk of fire.

How much does Exterminator & Pest Control Insurance cost?

The cost of your insurance varies on several criteria. Insurance companies will usually look for the type of services you offer, the number of employees you have, the coverage you require and many other factors.

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