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What is Bobtail Insurance?

The trucking industry is crucial to the overall well-being of our economy. Businesses and individuals rely on you to move goods from point A to point B. Through the years it’s grown to be the number one source for moving freight. Without trucking, businesses wouldn’t have goods to sell, and we wouldn’t be able to buy food, gasoline, and other necessities for survival.

As a driver or independent owner-operator in the trucking industry, most days you drive with a trailer attached delivering products where they need to be. But, sometimes you don’t. When you drive without a trailer, this is referred to as bobtailing, and your trucker’s liability doesn’t provide coverage.

Bobtail insurance is a liability insurance that provides protection when you are driving your truck without a trailer.

Do I Need Bobtail Insurance?

You need insurance no matter when you drive your truck. Since your motor carrier’s or truckers liability insurance only protects while you are under dispatch or hauling a trailer, you need special coverage for other driving scenarios.

Bobtail insurance is the policy for you if:

  • You drive your truck without a trailer at any time
  • You want to protect yourself from lawsuits or high out-of-pocket expenses if an accident occurs
  • Your motor carrier requires you to carry the coverage

Bobtail insurance isn’t the right policy if:

  • You don’t drive your truck without a trailer
  • If you need coverage for driving recreationally or on personal trips

What Does Bobtail Insurance Cover?

Bobtail insurance is a liability only policy. It covers you if you’re involved in and responsible for an accident while driving a truck without a trailer. Scenarios you would be covered for include:

  • You’re involved in accident after you deliver a load and are your way to the pickup your next load
  • You’re involved in accident on your way to pick up your first load
  • You’re involved in accident on your way home from delivery

Bobtail insurance does not cover physical damage to your truck in these scenarios. It pays costs associated with liability including legal fees, medical bills for injury, and settlement expenses.

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How Much Does Bobtail Insurance Cost?

The cost of bobtail insurance depends on several factors. During the underwriting process, insurance companies review driving history, limits requested and frequency of truck use without a trailer. It typically costs between $20 and $50 per month depending on these factors. Many insurance companies offer this coverage on business auto policies by endorsement.