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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do Locksmiths need insurance?

These establishments create, build, repair, install, adjust and sell locks (mechanical or electrical), safes, and vaults.

Locksmiths can usually make an offer on a project without insurance. However, you still need one when you are hired to work on a big job like a business or government project. Moreover, insurance protects you from the many risks involved when working with various clients. This ensures that if something happens to your business, like an accident or a lawsuit, the insurance will pay for the covered risks. Therefore, your business and personal assets are protected.

What risks do Locksmiths face?

Locksmiths face a unique set of risks. Below are some of those:

  • Your expensive equipment like a key duplicator malfunction; thus lowering your productivity or even halting your business operations altogether.
  • Because most of your operations take place at your clients' premises, mistakes are your responsibility. Therefore, if you destroy client property or make it easy for anyone to open the door, your business is at risk of a liability claim.
  • Your vehicle plays an important role in your services when traveling to client locations. When you are in an accident make sure to have the proper insurance. Your personal auto insurance may not be enough.

How much does Locksmiths Insurance cost?

Don’t be alarmed when trying to understand your insurance needs and how much will it cost. We can help you understand your unique risk exposure and provide with the best insurance for your business. To find out the cost of your insurance apply online to get a free quote or talk directly to our insurance experts.

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