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Department Store Insurance

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my Department Store need insurance?

Establishments in this industry sell different product lines from specialized manufacturers. Stores may either sell this product first hand or focus on selling discount items. Individual departments will have their own sales associates and cash registers. These stores do not sell perishable goods or fresh foods.

Your department store is stocked with merchandise from other businesses and other business property. It is your responsibility as a department store owner to protect your store and the merchandise from the many risks your business will encounter.

Insurance will protect your business from risks like property damage, personal injury, lawsuits and more. Insurance will ensure that if any of these happen, all covered expenses will be paid for first.

What risks do Department Stores face?

There are many risks a department store can face. Here are some of those:

  • The merchandise you sell is at risk of being stolen. Shoplifting is the most common crime in department stores. If you don’t have a means of preventing it, you could lose thousands of dollars from shoplifting alone.
  • Your department store could be damaged by fire, flood, earthquake or other natural disasters. Any of these could take a lot of time to recover, not to mention the expenses needed to get back on your feet.
  • Your business could face a lawsuit. Any lawsuit against your business is a pure waste of time and financial resources. So make sure that your business has the right insurance to cover any type of lawsuit.

How much does Department Store Insurance cost?

The cost of insurance is unique for every business. Insurance companies check for the size of your business, its location, the number of employees you have, yearly income and the coverage you need before they can provide the cost of your insurance policies.

To find out the cost of your insurance, simply fill out our online application to get an instant quote or contact our customer service representatives.

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