Insurance for Construction Material Wholesalers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do Construction Material Wholesalers need insurance?

Establishments in this industry are involved in the wholesale of housing and commercial building construction and improvement-related materials. This includes roofing materials of all kinds, siding, glass, fencing materials, home furnishings and stone building materials such as brick, ceramics, and asphalt.

Running a business comes with plenty of risks. If there isn't any risk management in place, you'll be faced with expensive medical bills, lawsuits and other liability risks that could have been used to improve your business, but instead, it's drained because you didn't get insurance.

Insurance will help you get back to business immediately after lawsuit, physical injury claim or property and collision damage. It ensures that your profits are protected by kicking in first to cover the related costs.

What risks do Construction Material Wholesalers face?

Every business comes with certain risks. It cannot be avoided, but can be mitigated with the right insurance. Here are some of the risks construction material wholesaler can face:

  • Data breach is common. Even businesses considered secure end up having their customer records stolen.
  • Hurricanes, floods, fires and more can damage your business property and hinder normal operation. Your storefront may not be completely destroyed by the catastrophe but you won't be able to operate fully while you are recovering.
  • Employees are at risk. Whether in public interaction, labor intensive tasks or driving company vehicles, there is a chance of illness or injury.
  • The products you offer place customers at risk. There could be legal recourse by not meeting their expectations or if defective results in lose your customers' money.

How much does insurance cost for Construction Material Wholesalers?

There is no one-size-fits-all cost, which is a good thing since you may not need certain insurance for your business, lowering your monthly cost. Many factors can determine the cost of business insurance for construction material wholesalers. The most common is the type of business, the number of employees you have and your coverage needs. To learn more about your insurance, apply for a free quote online or contact our customer service representatives.

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