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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do Computer Systems Design Services need insurance?

Insurance protects your business from many known and unknown risks. It protects your business finances by covering the cost of physical property damage, medical expenses, and liability risks that your business might face. Without insurance, your business will pay for these out of pocket, and any sound business won't be able to survive even for just a single lawsuit.

What risks do Computer Systems Design Services face?

Running a business comes with many risks. Some of those include:

  • The client complains that your advice or service did not help their business, leading to their losses. They sue, causing your business huge financial losses just for the lawsuit alone.
  • An employee becomes injured at work. You are responsible for all medical costs. They could also file a lawsuit for employer negligence.
  • Your business catches fire and the computers in it get completely destroyed. If you haven't backed up everything that would be worth years of hard work just got burned. The time and money it takes to get back up again would be gruesome without insurance.

How much does insurance cost for Computer Systems Design Services?

The cost of insurance depends on the services you offer, the number of employees you have, your average yearly profits and many other factors. To get an exact price for the insurance of your business, apply online to get a free quote, or call our customer service representatives.

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