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Insurance for Builders

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a builder's risk insurance policy?

A builder's risk insurance policy is designed specifically to protect buildings and structures that are under construction, development or renovation. It can cover construction materials, labor costs, temporary structures, false work, construction signs and even plants or trees.

What is a wrap-up insurance policy?

A wrap-up insurance policy is a type of insurance that protects contractors and subcontractors working on a construction project. The insurance is intended for projects that will be over $10 million in cost.

What is installation floater insurance?

An installation floater insurance offers protection to contractors where builder's risk policy won't be appropriate for the project. It is also an excellent insurance for projects that are focused on improvement rather than new construction.

What is the cost of builder's risk insurance?

No two projects are ever the same. Which is why there is no easy formula for determining the policy costs. Project type, location, construction type and risk factor are just some of the things that affect the cost of builder's risk insurance.

Why Builders need insurance?

Whether you design and build houses or commercial buildings, buyers look to builders for a safe place to run their business or turn into a home for their family. Builders need insurance to protect themselves from unexpected incidents that can result in a lawsuit. Builders risk losing their business, personal assets, and destroying their reputation without the right insurance in place.

Builders within this industry design and build both single family and multi-family homes. For-sale builders maintain ownership of the land, while buyers will own the home. Other general contractors will construct and sell detached homes, townhouses, row houses or other types of homes that include the sale of the land. Companies building multi-family homes will typically build high-rise apartments, condominiums or even townhouse apartments.

What risks could Builders face?

Advice Goes Wrong: One builder's risk is giving advice to potential customers. Some builders make recommendations about types of materials to use. If the materials you recommend don’t hold up over time, they can cause deterioration or financial drama.

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