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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do Advertising Agencies need insurance?

Insurance will help cover your business from losses caused by unforeseen events. Events like advertising mistakes, property damage and lawsuits could lead to the financial collapse of your business.

What risks could Advertising Agencies face?

An advertising agency is responsible for creatively marketing clients. Your goal is to increase the sales while remaining honest within the legal limitations. When you make a mistake that costs your clients money, you are at risk of being sued. Other risks include unethical data collected by your employees, inaccurate test results that lead to monetary loss of your client, improper marketing practice, libel or slander of your clients' competing brands.

How much does Advertising Agency insurance cost?

The insurance cost for advertising agencies varies depending on the insurance your business needs to carry. General Liability insurance, for example, could cost $450 annually. Business Owners Policy can average from $650 in annual premiums. For Professional Liability $1,000 is somewhat the average cost.

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