The Best Trucking Companies to Work For 2021 USA

best trucking companies to work for

Starting a Trucking Career in 2021: Best US Companies

In a global economy, the transport of essential goods is closely tied to people's livelihood. Not only is shipping vital to the supply chain, but trucking is also vital to the transfer of products and raw materials.

Trucking is an essential occupation that can provide job stability, steady pay and the opportunity to travel. However, as with any occupation, you must find the right company to work for. Not only is it important to find the best-paying trucking companies, but you should also look for organizations that cover all your needs.

Best Trucking Companies for New Drivers

If you are a new driver, you're probably better off starting with one of the more well-known companies. This doesn't mean that the names that are lesser-known to the public are not reliable or trustworthy. On the contrary, you can find excellent trucking companies outside of household names.

The advantages that major transport companies offer are centered on two pillars.

The first is the impression it will make on a future employer to have started with one of the top carriers. A second major benefit is the ease with which you will enter the vocation.

Big-name courier companies offer you the ability to move into the job with all the training you need. Here are a few of the best trucking companies for new drivers:

FedEx: FedEx is a giant in the parcel delivery field. With thousands of vehicles in the fleet, the company is always looking for drivers. Furthermore, FedEx employees rate the company highly. Apart from employee satisfaction, FedEx has a good brand name with customers. Due to the company's reputation for high-level services, parcel recipients, both retail and corporate, are always happy to see the FedEx driver.

For prospective truck drivers, FedEx has a reasonable set of criteria that you need to meet. A Class A CDL double/triple endorsement is required as well as hazardous materials and tank endorsements. The company also requires one year of experience within the past three years. Alternatively, you can complete the FedEx Freight Driver Development Course. There are also a few requirements pertaining to the DOT and any criteria that pertain to individual states.

UPS: UPS is a staple of American life. The sight of the brown trucks and uniforms is an everyday experience as the company is the largest employer of drivers in the US. UPS is demanding of its drivers but also offers competitive salaries. As with FedEx, UPS offers its employees extensive training, and most drivers work within a reasonable radius from their home.

Top Trucking Companies for Workers

The best trucking companies to work for are the ones that specialize and work on the cutting edge of logistics. Working for a top trucking company means that you've paid your dues at the job and can inspire trust. When you have the necessary experience, you can enjoy the best benefits and highest pay a trucker can get.

Outside of firms like FedEx and UPS, top trucking companies do not engage in extensive recruiting and training. They know that the most competent drivers will go to them in search of a top spot in the industry. Following are some of the best trucking companies for workers:

Old Dominion: With 200 distribution centers, Old Dominion serves the entire US. The company's base is in North Carolina, and the company specializes in what is less-than-load cargo shipping. This requires a high level of logistics and experience so that maximum efficiency can be achieved for clients and Old Dominion alike. Having 80 years of experience makes Old Dominion a great employer for seasoned truckers. The company compensates its drivers well and employees reciprocate by putting their best foot forward.

J.B. Hunt: J.B. Hunt provides shipping throughout North America. Partnering with large rail providers makes J.B. Hunt a big player in the transport of goods. Besides offering competitive salaries, the company makes lateral moves within the company easy. This means that you can relocate if circumstances in your life require you to, without having to leave your job.

Landstar: Landstar treats its employees with the same respect it treats its clientele. In business since 1988, Landstar is quick to adopt the latest advancements in logistics. The company's use of cutting-edge technology trickles down to its drivers. With its advanced payment system, drivers are guaranteed payment within 48 hours of submitting invoices. If you work for Landstar, you will be sought after by the best companies in the field if you decide to change employers. However, you will find it rare for Landstar drivers to want to migrate to another trucking company.

XPO Logistics: Those looking for a trucking job with a top-level company might want to focus their attention on XPO Logistics. The company is experiencing growth and is constantly in need of reliable drivers. With XPO's suppliers exceeding 50,000 companies, there is a broad spectrum of work, making it easy to fit in as many hours as you can handle.

Insurance and Top USA Trucking Companies

A major part of what makes a good trucking company is the benefits it offers. Insurance coverage is something that you need to research as much, if not more, than salary, vacation and tuition reimbursement. While many career choices don't provide adequate insurance, you'll be happy to know that any trucking company that respects its drivers will offer top coverage from the start. To make the best decision, you should know the types of insurance that exist.

General liability insurance is the bare minimum for small business owners, contractors and entrepreneurs. This type of insurance covers accidents that may occur in the workplace. General liability insurance offers peace of mind to both employer and employee as the latter is guaranteed medical assistance while the business owner is protected.

In logistics and shipping, general liability insurance for truckers covers this baseline. The trucking company receives protection from lawsuits arising from claims of bodily injury while the driver is ensured they will receive care in the event of a mishap. General liability insurance for truckers guarantees that the company will receive coverage for their legal costs as well as any payments that are made to the driver.

Commercial truck insurance for truckers, trailers, vans and debris removal is a program that is optimized for the trucking industry. Whether you work for a company as an employee or as a contractor with your own truck, having commercial truck insurance can tailor coverage to your specific needs.

Dump trucks, tractor-trailers, vans and other vehicle types each have different circumstances that govern their use. With commercial truck insurance, you can make sure that you are paying for your specific requirements.

Keep in mind that not all insurance companies offer trucking insurance. Also, finding an insurance provider that understands the trucking industry is important. If you have bad credit or unpaid fines, you may need to get to work in order to guarantee a paycheck. Finding the right insurance provider for commercial truck insurance can help you get on the road without jumping through hoops.

Occupational hazard insurance for truck drivers is an additional safeguard for those looking to provide optimal security. The risk of injury of truck drivers is higher compared to other fields. In the event of an injury that results in extended time off work, a driver may need a safety net until they can fully recover. Occupational hazard insurance affords drivers the security of knowing they will be taken care of. This includes their medical expenses, bills and lost wages.

Bobtail insurance is the liability insurance that offers coverage when driving a truck without a trailer. This guarantees that you have protection at all times, even when driving between jobs. Some companies offer this type of coverage as a part of their overall plan but it's important to know whether or not you are covered.

Pursue a Career With the Best-Paying Trucking Companies

The top USA trucking companies are the best employers in the logistics industry. They offer competitive salaries, enjoyable working conditions and the ability to travel North America. Spending some time contemplating the details of the job will make your career as a driver all the more secure and promising.

Understanding the corporate culture, training offered and benefits can mean the difference between a fulfilling career and a bland job. Make sure to research the trucking company of your choice as extensively as possible. Spend some time checking out the insurance coverage the company offers. If you long for a life on the road, make sure you have the security and stability to keep you comfortable and safe.

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