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Real Estate Insurance

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How Real Estate and Insurance Connect:

Whether your job in real estate focuses on buying or selling, there are specific insurance challenges unique to your industry.

Real Estate Agents deal with legal documents, private client information, travel and the risks that come with providing professional advice.

There are any number of insurance policies that real estate agents might consider to protect their businesses and their clients.

FAQs: Real Estate Insurance

Who Needs Real Estate Insurance?

Anyone who is a licensed professional working in real estate will need to purchase insurance. Individuals who will need to get insurance include: Licensed real estate agents, Real estate brokers, Dual agents, Buyer’s agents and Seller’s agents.

How much does Real Estate Insurance cost?

Considering the type of insurance real estate agents may purchase, costs could be vastly different depending on the size and location of your agency. Obtain a professionally completed quote to get a good idea of how much your insurance will cost.

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