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7 Hot Weather Hacks for Truck Drivers

Driving can be unbearable during the scorching summer months. Here are seven truck life hacks to make your ride cooler.

2 mins readMay 28, 2019

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Driving can be unbearable during the scorching summer months. When temperature records are high, truck drivers need to be cautious about the extreme heat affecting not only their trucks but their health as well.

However, by taking a few simple precautions, truck drivers can avoid heat-related breakdowns and stay cool.

If you are a trucker who is looking for ways to feel cool in hot weather, check out these seven hot weather trucker life hacks.

1. Watch Your Tire Pressure & Temperature

Tires will surely warm up after spending a long day on the warm asphalt. Insufficient cooling time can cause overheated tires to blow out or even catch fire.

Keep your tires adequately inflated during the summer to reduce the likelihood that they may blow out. Every few hours, if you're traveling in the sun, stop and let them cool off.

Blowouts may be avoided by simply driving into the shade or spritzing your tires with cool water, and the time spent doing so can spare you the hassle of waiting for a tow later.

2. Protect Your Truck’s Engine from Over Heating

The engine is the most important part of your truck’s system. In the summer, it’s important to keep it cool, especially when you are driving.

In order to protect your truck engine from excessive heat, you need to check the engine oil regularly.

The oil helps in keeping the engine cool and lubricates it, helping the engine parts run smoothly.

If there is no oil, chances are the engine overheats, which can turn out to be dangerous for your truck. You should also make sure your engine has coolant.

If you think your truck needs maintenance then contact your employer’s maintenance company to ensure that there is no problem with your truck’s engine.

3. Check Your Air Conditioning

During the summer, trucking becomes difficult. Whether you are a regional trucker or a long-haul trucker, the scorching heat of summer can make driving difficult.

Fortunately, the air conditioning system in your truck is an excellent way to keep you cool during those hot months. Make sure to check that components like antifreeze levels are under control throughout the hot weather.

Remember if the antifreeze is off or running slow, the air conditioning system will not be able to work properly. This is one of the most important traits to keep yourself cool in hot months.

4. Keep a Blanket in Your Truck

This hack might seem out of place but actually, this is one of the most effective trucker life hacks to help truck drivers stay cool.

Most truck seats are made of leather or vinyl which becomes too hot when exposed to sunlight. In order to cover the seats, throw a blanket over them. When you get back to your truck, place those blankets on the floorboards.

However, make sure to use light colored blankets as darker colors attract and absorb more sunlight, making truck seats burning hot. Keeping your truck seats cool will make your vehicle more pleasant in the summer.

5. Apply an Ice Pack Around Your Neck

This is one of the most amazing hacks to keep a trucker cool. As a truck driver, when you feel hot and sluggish, simply roll up some ice cubes in a bandanna and keep it around your neck. It will keep you cool as long as it is wet.

There are also several specially designed cooling towels out there to choose from, which might be a little more expensive, yet it is an effective way to keep you cool during the hot summer season.

It also saves you fuel, which you would have otherwise spent on the air conditioning system.

6. Monitor the Weather Before You Plan Your Journey

The summer months are when severe weather is most common. The Midwest has tornadoes, the South experiences hurricanes and thunderstorms, and the West Coast experiences fires.

The visibility might be greatly decreased and the surface can become slippery due to bad weather. As a result, you should check the weather ahead of time and adjust your itinerary accordingly.

The Trucking Weather & Traffic app, created specifically for truck drivers, integrates features from navigation and weather applications to provide the most practical and comprehensive software for weather, road, and traffic conditions.

The app helps truck drivers avoid the hottest times of the day in its pre-trip preparation for the day or week with precise hourly and weekly predictions.

7. Make Sure to Take Breaks

Taking a break is important as it helps you stretch your legs after sitting for so long. Getting out of the truck a few times while driving can help a trucker stay relaxed.

It helps to give the body a break from being seated in the same position for a long time. This can provide you with a few minutes of fresh air outside your truck and also give time to rejuvenate yourself during the trip.

Summer can be harsh and getting into a truck that has been parked under the hot sun may make truckers feel drained. Just because you are in the truck doesn’t mean you are protected from the harmful rays of the sun.

By following the above hot weather trucker life hacks you can easily protect yourself from sunburns, dehydration and other serious effects from the sun rays.

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