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Small Business Insurance in Vermont

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Business Insurance cost in Vermont?

The price of Business Insurance varies across carriers because they have different criteria to define your premiums. Insurance carriers usually review your experience, loss history and safety policies before they can calculate the cost.

I use my cars for business, is my personal auto insurance enough in Vermont?

No. Your personal auto insurance is limited only for personal use; therefore, the limits are fewer and it has less coverage. Commercial Auto insurance has more limits and coverage than a personal auto insurance can offer.

Do I need Workers Compensation in Vermont if I get my employees from other states?

Yes. Workers' Compensation is needed if you hire one or more employees regardless if you hire them outside the state but works for you in Vermont.

What will happen if I don't buy a Business Insurance in Vermont?

Your business will face penalties if the insurance is mandated by the state,and when you're faced with a property damage or personal injury lawsuit, you'll be paying for the legal fees and expenses out of your pocket. Any business won't be able to survive unless they have substantial financial resources.

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