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Small Business Insurance in Nevada

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Insurance cover for small businesses in Nevada

Frequently Asked Questions

What insurances to I need to start a business in Nevada?

The state requires that your business must carry Workers' Compensation if you have two or more employees. A Commercial Auto insurance is also recommended when you use vehicles to conduct your business operations.

Do I need an insurance for my Nevada business?

Yes. Even small businesses find themselves with the same incidents that big companies have. And when you find yourself defending in court, you'll be glad that your insurance was there to protect your finances.

What is needed to get an insurance quote in Nevada?

Insurance companies usually require a business license and a loss history, and you must have completed your applications before they can get you a quote.

If I let my employees drive their cars to conduct business is Personal Auto insurance enough?

No. Commercial Auto insurance has more coverage and higher limits than a personal auto insurance.

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