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Small Business Insurance in Kentucky

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much Commercial Liability insurance in Kentucky should I carry?

Each situation is unique; therefore, the type of business you operate or the products you produce determine how much Commercial Liability insurance you need. A good rule of thumb for small business is around $500,000 to $1 million.

What are the minimum Business Insurance requirements in Kentucky?

If you own a property or valuable assets, a General Liability insurance is mandatory for your Kentucky small business.

How are premium costs assessed in Kentucky?

Premium costs are assed on a number of factors like the type of business, the service you provide, the number of people you employ and how many years you've been in the business.

Do I need Workers Compensation insurance in Kentucky?

By law, Kentucky will require you to carry Workers' Comp if you employ one or more persons. It doesn't matter if the employees work part-time or full time.

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