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Small Business Insurance in Arizona

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Insurance cover for small businesses in Arizona

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Business Insurance cost in Arizona?

Businesses aren't created equal. Depending on your business, insurance premiums vary so its best to discuss your insurance with a licensed expert.

How can I lower my Business Insurance premium in Arizona?

Ask your insurance provider if they offer discounts for insurances. It may be possible to get discounts on implement loss control services or safety procedures to minimize risks.

Why do you need Business Insurance in Arizona?

In an event of a lawsuit or a liability claim without insurance your business will go down the drain fast. Even if you win the suit, your business could go bankrupt due to the cost of legal defense.

Do you need both General Liability Insurance and Professional Liability insurance in Arizona?

While a General Liability insurance is mandatory, you'll need Professional Liability only if you provide services to others like for example offering a legal advice to your customers.

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