Our Technical Team

We're a tech startup on a mission to reinvent the insurance industry combining data, design and technology. CoverWallet is growing rapidly and expanding across the USA. We have built an incredible team of ~100 people (70% in New York and 30% between Madrid and Valencia). Our Tech Team in Spain has some of the best engineers in Europe. Ready to be part of the family?

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Our core values

Team First

We believe that team work produces a better output than individual. Together we create amazing things.

Each member should bring her own input and through productive argumentation we all find solutions to our problems. We will provide deep visibility of information for everyone to take their own decisions, and about how those decisions are made.

Trust is very important. We commit to be loyal to those members that show trust on their peers and the company.


Work on any development task until customers have opportunity to use it. Your customers are your engineer peers, when you ask them to review your code; your QA/product peers, when you ask them to test your changes; and external users, when your feature reaches production services. Follow your changes along that process. Solve it yourself, nobody else will complete this job better than you.

Autonomy is key in a startup, each of us work will sum up for the final result, and leadership will bring necessary tools so that we all converge for same goals.

Best Practices

Mastery in best practices should be part of our DNA:

  • We expect our source code to be readable and well structured, extensible and testable.
  • When it comes to the architecture of our solutions we strive for simplicity, encouraging pragmatism but keeping good designs on mind: defining the right boundaries and layers to ensure maintainability.

Get things done

When you leave, feel that you've done lots of things every day. Rely on other people to make things happen. Don't wait for permission, just take your own risks, proceed and communicate, always both. Don't procrastinate and overcomplicate things, bet for simplicity.

Our mission is to disrupt insurance industry through small iterations of public-facing technology products, more often than by our private experiments.


We all feel that technology is present at many interactions between people in the world nowadays. Whether for fun or by pure convenience, our friends and family are making use of products that we build ourselves through complex engineering principles.

Our job as software developers is absolutely great! We are a technology company, founded and built by engineers, we understand you.

Be yourself

Try to be honest.

Feel free to express your own opinion, and don't let anyone make decisions for you unless through valid argumentation. Understanding your feelings and opinions makes our small team a great place to grow.

Our mission is that you feel everybody cares about you and is willing to help you. We believe in you.

Reasons to join our team

Be the change

Work with a traditional industry and help them use technology to shape the future.

Share and Learn

Work along with an awesome team, and cutting-edge technology products.

Grow with us

Fast-growing company, be ready for opportunities.

Up for a trip?

New York visits as team retreats.

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Our technical team