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Wisconsin Workers Compensation at a Glance

Requirements for Wisconsin Workers’ Compensation

Wisconsin requires most employers with one or more employees to carry Workers' Compensation coverage. Out-of-state employers who have employees working in Wisconsin are also required to carry coverage for those employees. Sole proprietors without employees are not required to carry Workers’ Compensation coverage in Wisconsin but can choose to cover themselves as employees.

Exceptions to Workers’ Compensation requirements in Wisconsin

Sole proprietors and owner-operators for independent trucking businesses are not required to carry Workers' Compensation coverage on themselves but can choose to be covered as an employee of the business.

Advise your employees of your Workers’ Compensation coverage

Be sure existing employees and new hires are aware that they have coverage for workplace injuries and work-related illnesses. Wisconsin recommends that both employers and employees keep records of any workplace injuries, including the nature and date of the injury, as well as circumstances which may have contributed to the injury.

Avoid penalties for Wisconsin Workers’ Compensation non-compliance

A Wisconsin employer that does not carry required Workers’ Compensation coverage for its employees can be subject to penalties of twice the amount of the premium not paid during an uninsured time period or $750, whichever amount is greater. Employers who do not comply with Wisconsin's Workers’ Compensation requirements can be personally liable for paying the cost of Workers' Compensation benefits for injured employees.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am self-employed in Wisconsin? Do I need Workers' Compensation?

Sole proprietors and owner-operators are exempt from Workers' Compensation coverage requirements in Wisconsin and are not considered to be employees, but may elect to cover themselves as employees. In most cases, workers employed by a sole proprietor must have Workers' Compensation coverage in Wisconsin.

Where can I buy Workers' Compensation in Wisconsin?

Workers' Compensation coverage in Wisconsin is available through insurance agents or brokers who are licensed to sell commercial insurance within the state. Online insurance portals, such as CoverWallet, provide a valuable resource for business insurance by offering not just Workers' Compensation coverage but also other key insurance coverages for your business.

How Much Does Wisconsin Workers' Compensation Cost?

Rates for Workers' Compensation coverage vary for each business depending upon the industry type, your business's safety and claims record, and your payroll. Wisconsin uses an independent bureau to help determine rates according to the risk in each industry. CoverWallet can provide a quote for your business.

What Does Wisconsin Workers' Compensation Cover?

Wisconsin Workers' Compensation insurance provides coverage for medical costs due to a work-related injury or occupational illness. Temporary disability benefits are available as well, providing up to two-thirds of pre-disability wages if you are temporarily unable to work due to a workplace injury.

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