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Texas Workers Compensation at a Glance

Frequently Asked Questions

How much are Workers' Compensation benefits in Texas?

In Texas, temporary income paid by Workers' Compensation coverage is 70% of the worker’s earnings, with workers who earn less than $10 per hour compensated at a rate of 75% of their earnings. In all cases, there is a cap on temporary income amounts which changes annually.

Where Can Texas Employers Purchase Workers' Compensation?

Texas employers can purchase Workers' Compensation coverage locally or through an online vendor, such as CoverWallet, which provides expert guidance and the ability to bundle Workers' Compensation coverage with other essential insurance coverages. Texas Mutual Insurance company provides an additional option for Workers' Compensation coverage as the state fund for Texas.

What percentage of salary is paid on Workers' Compensation in Texas?

Texas law provides temporary income for disability due to work-related injuries at a rate 70% of the worker's earnings. Workers earning less than $10 per hour are compensated at a rate of 75%. Workers' Compensation income benefits are subject to a cap which can affect higher-income earners.

What does it mean that Texas is state funded?

To help ensure the availability of coverage, many states offer a separate insurer specifically to provide Workers' Compensation coverage or similar coverages. In Texas, Texas Mutual Insurance Company serves this role, providing coverage for about 40% of Texas's Workers' Compensation market.

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