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Workers Compensation South Carolina

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Buy South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

Employers in South Carolina can purchase Workers' Compensation coverage through traditional agents or brokers or through online providers such as CoverWallet, which can customize a package of essential coverages for your business. South Carolina also provides a state fund, the South Carolina State Accident Fund, which provides Workers' Compensation coverage as an alternative to open market providers.

South Carolina is a "no-fault" system. What does that mean?

In a no-fault Workers' Compensation system, as is the case in most states, Workers' Compensation benefits are available for qualified workplace injuries or occupational illnesses regardless of who was at fault. This means that an employee who was injured who did not follow safety guidelines won't be denied coverage benefits.

Who is covered under South Carolina Workers' Compensation Insurance?

With very few exceptions, all employees in South Carolina are covered by South Carolina's Workers' Compensation Act. In most cases where there are exceptions, such as with railroad workers, these workers are covered for workplace injuries and illnesses under a separate type of policy.

How is Workers' Compensation calculated in South Carolina?

Workers' Compensation in South Carolina offers a provision for temporary income for injured workers who are unable to work. The compensation rate is 66% based on the employee's average weekly wages and is subject to minimum and maximum compensation rates as determined by the state.

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