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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is Required to Purchase Workers' Compensation in Maryland?

Most employers with one or more employees in Maryland are required to provide Workers' Compensation coverage for their employees. Some exceptions may exist for sole proprietors, agricultural office workers, and tractor-trailer owner/operators.

What Does Maryland Workers' Compensation Insurance Cover?

Workers' Compensation coverage in Maryland helps to pay medical expenses for employees accidentally injured on the job or afflicted by work-related illnesses. Some rehabilitation costs may also be covered and Workers' Compensation coverage provides income replacement as well for employees who are temporarily unable to return to work due to a work injury.

What Does Workers' Compensation Insurance Cost in Maryland?

Rates for Workers' Compensation coverage in Maryland vary depending on the type of work, your business’s safety history, and your business’s payroll. Businesses in higher risk industries can pay higher rates, but safety history can help to mitigate rates.

Where Can I Buy Maryland Workers' Compensation Insurance?

Employers in Maryland can purchase Workers' Compensation coverage through traditional agents or brokers, or through an online portal such as CoverWallet, which can provide liability coverage and other essential business insurance types. Businesses having difficulty finding coverage in the Maryland private market can utilize the state fund, Maryland’s Injured Workers Insurance Fund.

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