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Workers Compensation Louisiana

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am self-employed in Louisiana? Do I need Workers' Compensation?

Sole proprietors in Louisiana can choose to exclude themselves from Workers' Compensation coverage. The employees of sole proprietors, however, must be covered by Workers' Compensation in most cases. Business owners and certain officers of the company can also be excluded, provided they own at least 10% of the business.

Where can I buy Workers' Compensation in Louisiana?

The Louisiana Workers’ Compensation Corporation is the state fund for Workers' Compensation coverage in Louisiana, commonly used for businesses that find difficulty securing coverage in the private market. For most businesses, Workers' Compensation coverage can be purchased through insurance agents or brokers licensed to sell business insurance in the state. The CoverWallet team can also help you to purchase Workers' Compensation coverage as well as other essential insurance coverages for your business.

How Much Does Louisiana Workers' Compensation Cost?

Rates for Workers' Compensation coverage in Louisiana vary by industry type and are also affected by other factors. Louisiana uses rating data from the National Council on Compensation Insurance to provide uniform class codes based on industry type. The claim and safety history for your business, as well as your payroll, also play roles in calculating your Workers' Compensation insurance rate. CoverWallet can give you a quote.

What Does Louisiana Workers' Compensation Cover?

Workers' Compensation coverage in Louisiana covers medical care for injured workers, wage replacement, vocational rehabilitation services, and death benefits in the event of work-related fatalities. The coverage is specifically designed to pay for expenses associated with workplace injuries or occupational illnesses.

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