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Business Interruption Insurance

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What Business Interruption Insurance?

What Business Interruption Insurance Is All About:

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What does Business Interruption Insurance Cover?

FAQs on Business Interruption Insurance

What if I stay open but one of my suppliers shuts down?

Because your business has not been physically damaged by a covered peril, Business Interruption insurance will not cover the loss associated with one of your suppliers shutting down. However, if you have added Contingent Business Interruption, there is a possibility that you can find coverage here. Check with an advisor and understand all of the available coverages to you.

How to get income protection with Business Interruption Insurance

Be sure to have Business Interruption coverage on your policy, and you will still be able to have an income if your business is damaged by a covered peril. These perils are often the same as what your Commercial Property policy and include things like fire, wind, theft, etc.

Does Business Interruption Insurance cover wages?

Yes, payroll can be covered here so that you do not lose out on those key employees due to an unforeseen incident.

What is a Business Interruption claim?

A claim that you have reported where your income will suffer due to having to shut down your business because of a physical damage incident. Again, it has to be due to a covered peril.

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