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Nonprofits Insurance

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How Non-profits and Insurance Connect:

Nonprofits are operated similarly to any private business. Although identified differently by the IRS for tax purposes, all nonprofit associations must still report earnings and follow the same laws required of any business.

Any company that is in the nonprofit sector will need various forms of insurance that match up with the same types of insurance common among private businesses.

FAQs: Nonprofits Insurance

Which Nonprofits Need Insurance?

Typical types of Nonprofit Associations that require insurance include:

  • Churches (all religions)
  • Education Charities
  • Health Charities
  • All Nonprofits

Are there any other insurance products I should consider to protetct my non profit business?

In addition to General Liability, Workers Compensation and Commercial Property Insurance, you should also consider taking out the following policies to protect your non profit:

  1. Directors and Officers Insurance

Many nonprofit organizations are run by a board of directors. If shareholders or others sue the nonprofit, they may specifically target board members. Insuring against such claims with D&O Insurance is important, particularly for larger nonprofits.

  1. Commercial Auto Insurance

If your nonprofit utilizes company vehicles, these should be insured with Commercial Auto cover to avoid expensive payments in the case of an accident.

  1. Errors & Omissions Insurance

E&O Insurance is designed to provide coverage for your business when errors or omissions occur while providing services. This insurance provides for legal defense as well as damage payouts.

How much does Nonprofit Insurance cost?

Insurance costs will vary from nonprofit to nonprofit because every nonprofit organization has different needs. The size of your organization and the exact nature of what your organization does will impact the final cost for your insurance policies.

The best way to understand cost is to get a quote.

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