Building Maintenance Insurance

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Who Needs Building Maintenance Insurance?

Building maintenance refers to all tasks necessary for keeping a building functional and livable. If you offer any of the following services, you’ll need Building Maintenance Insurance:

  • Janitorial services - Includes cleaning common areas, vacuuming and mopping the floors, emptying the trash and washing the windows.

  • Waste collection services - Includes providing hygienic, efficient and economic solid waste collection for treatment or disposal. It includes the collection of solid waste - for recycling or incineration - and liquid waste destined for chemical-physical or biological treatment.

  • Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning services - Includes the removal of dirt to ensure carpets and rugs continue to look their best while extending their lifespan.

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What insurance do you need for building maintenance?

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does building cleaning and maintenance insurance cost?

The costs for each insurance product are almost always dependent upon the number of employees that are covered under the policy, as well as other risk factors. Certain businesses are more likely to make a claim, and this will have a direct effect on premium costs.

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Why do building cleaning and maintenance services need insurance?

Of course, giving enough training and ensuring that you and your workers adhere to all standards might assist you in avoiding certain circumstances. Accidents do happen, and crises do happen, no matter how well-trained your personnel is or how strictly you follow processes.

You may be held accountable if they do so. Repairing or rebuilding damaged property, as well as medical expenditures, may be extremely expensive. You'll also have to cope with legal expenditures if a client or employee files a lawsuit.

The bottom line is that if something goes wrong, you might be liable for some significant costs, the expense of which could put you out of business.

What are the most common risks & exposures for professionals in building cleaning & maintenance?

Owing to the absence of public access to the building cleaner's premises, premises liability risks are minor, but substantial away from the premises due to dangers on the job site.

Because of damp, slippery flooring, spills, and equipment and supplies limiting access, there is a risk of slip and fall injuries to the client's staff or customers when cleaning building interiors.

Spills, marring, scraped surfaces, and the upset or falling of breakables all pose a danger of harm or property damage to consumers.

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