Repetitive Motion Injuries and Workers Compensation

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How Repetitive Motion Injuries and Insurance Connect:

In many industries, people are required to carry out repetitive tasks to finish their work. These repetitive tasks range from typing on the computer to folding laundry. If you are carrying out repetitive tasks on a daily basis, you may develop Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or a Repetitive Motion Injury such as Bursitis or Tendinitis. An injury can affect a worker’s ability to perform their job. If this is the case, they may need to take time off of work to recover.

Read on to learn more about how a Repetitive Motion Injury can affect your employees.

How do you get Carpal Tunnel or a Repetitive Motion Injury?

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Repetitive Motion Injuries occur when an individual carries out the same types of hand movements repeatedly, causing joints to be numb and weak. In addition to hand movements, this syndrome can also be the result of Thyroid Disease, Diabetes or even pregnancy. Repetitive hand movements apply pressure to your wrist and median nerve resulting in inflammation.

Both Bursitis and Tendinitis are Soft Tissue Rheumatic Syndromes which are the result of inflammation in tissues near joints in the human body. Bursitis occurs when a sac known as a bursa becomes inflamed, disallowing the sac and other structures in the body to move alongside one another smoothly. There are several different types of Bursitis including but not limited to Subacromial, Trochanteric, Ischial, and Olecranon, each of which affects a separate area of the body.

Where Does Workers Compensation Insurance Come in?

Different types of work affect different areas of the body. Therefore, if an employee develops bursitis from a repetitive work-related activity, Workers Compensation Insurance will cover the costs associated with them taking time off work to recover.

Tendinitis occurs when tendons in the body become inflamed. It can affect several areas of the body, and there are different types such as Rotator Cuff, bicipital and DeQuervain's Tendinitis. When tendons become inflamed through repetitive activities, it is important for employees to take time off to recover to prevent further injury. If an employer has invested in Workers Compensation, employees can recover and later come back to work without even more severe outcomes.

A significant portion of the workforce uses computers to carry out their work on a daily basis. Given this reliance on computers, it is likely that more and more people will develop Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Both typing and clicking require repetitive use of the fingers to operate a computer. Not only do people use computers in their professional life but also in their personal lives alongside smartphones.

In many manufacturing industries, laborers work to produce products on assembly lines, often performing one task repeatedly over the course of a single workday. If this is the case, whichever parts of the body are being used in repetition may be subject to a Repetitive Motion Injury. Without Workers Compensation, those affected by these injuries may find themselves in dire circumstances and wish to file a claim against their employer. However, if a laborer is receiving Workers Compensation, then they forfeit their ability to sue their employer in exchange for access to various financial benefits.

If you are a business owner who has employees that are carrying out repetitive tasks, investing in Workers Compensation is important. Workers Compensation ensures that if an employee develops Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or a Repetitive Motion Injury, that they will be able to recover lost wages and access medical treatment. This insurance also ensures that the employer is not held liable for injuries suffered by their employees. An employee may take time off to recover and come back to work having access to the benefits of Workers Compensation. Without this insurance, an employer can be both liable for injuries and also lose employees that may have otherwise stayed with their company after recovering.

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