What Insurance Does a Wedding Planner Need?

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What is Wedding Planners Insurance?

As a wedding planner, it is your job to ensure that the day you plan for the two people getting marries is stress-free and perfect. While you may love making a bride or groom's dream come true, event planning also has some fear that can come along with the job. If you make a mistake that ruins the day, costs the clients money, or simply makes them unhappy, this can cause you to be drawn into a lawsuit. Your attention to detail can never waiver. After all, they are called bridezilla for a reason, right?

Wedding Planners insurance is not simply one policy that covers all of your risks. Because you have different kinds of risk associated with your profession, you should have a specialized package put together by your insurance agent. Wedding Planners insurance will cover you if you are sued because of a mistake (negligence) that costs the clients time and money, property damage, or even bodily injury. Additionally, if you have employees, you will need to provide coverage for them, should they become sick or injured while on the job.

What Type of Insurance Does a Wedding Planner Need?

As stated above, there are a few relevant policies that you should have as a wedding or event planner.

  • General Liability - GL coverage is essential for bodily injury and property damage. Imagine a vendor you hire slips and falls, or you accidentally damage some expensive centerpieces. A big part of General Liability is defense costs, as a lawyer and court fees can add up quickly.
  • Professional Liability - Arguably, the most vital policy for a wedding planner is Professional Liability. If you neglect to book the photographer or order the wrong cake topper, you will most likely be sued for negligence. Even if you did nothing wrong, the good news is this policy will also pay for defense costs.
  • Workers Compensation/Employers' Liability - If you have employees, the chances are that your state will require Workers Compensation.

Some additional policies to consider depending on your business operations is Commercial Auto, Umbrella, Employment Practices Liability, and Cyber Liability. Another critical policy you may need is Commercial Property if you have an office or important business personal property. Be sure to discuss all of your operations with your insurance company.

Does a Wedding Planner Really Need Insurance?

Does a bride want to get RSVPs? Even though some clients may think you are a superhero for making their wedding day spectacular, you are only human. This means there is always a possibility for a mistake, regardless of how careful you are and how long you have been in business. Because you are in charge of a variety of tasks, you risk is a little more than some other industries. You are always concerned about making your clients happy; be sure to be worried about your business health as well. You don't want to end up in a situation where a small mistake can end up bankrupting your business.

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How Much Does Wedding Planner Insurance Cost?

Since each wedding planner does different things and is at a different stage, it would be hard to give a generalized price. If you need an accurate number for budgeting purposes, it is always best to contact your insurance company. However, you can plan to spend around $500 annually for General Liability alone. Workers Compensation will depend on your payroll, and Professional Liability depends on several factors. When you are ready to purchase your liability coverage, contact your insurance agent.

Business Insurance

Running a business is challenging enough without having to worry about lawsuits, employee injuries or property damage. Having the right insurance gives you the peace of mind to focus on what matters - running your business.

The coverage you need depends on the type of business you run. A restaurant owner needs to be covered against customers possibly getting food poisoning while an accountant needs to be covered against calculation errors. CoverWallet's intelligent assessment system will identify the insurance you need based on your specific business, get you a policy that fits your budget, and do it all in less time than you think.

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