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Small Business Insurance Guide

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What Is Small Business Insurance?

Small business insurance isn’t so much a type of insurance as it is a classification of insurance that a small business might need to protect themselves. This insurance will work exactly how you expect it to: You’ll choose the coverage that best suits your business, pay the premium, and from there your business will be protected from the risks that policy covers.

Feeling lost? Don’t worry. Business insurance (or commercial insurance) is uncharted for most small business owners, especially those who are just opening up shop. That’s why we created this handy guide, to help business owners like yourself get a better understanding of how things work.

Read on to learn more about commercial insurance and what insurance your business may need to protect itself.

Answers to key insurance questions

What is a Certificate of Insurance?

Understand what a Certificate of Insurance is and why you might need one.

How do I limit liability as an owner?

Tips and tricks for understanding how you can limit liability as the owner of a small business.

Who is considered to be an additional insured?

Read the article to get all the information you would ever need on an additional insurance, include Who is considered to be an additional insured.

What does Acord have to do with insurance?

Find out who Acord insurance is and what documents and services they provide within the insurance industry.

What does it mean to be licensed and bonded?

This article will clear up any questions you have around what it means to be licensed and bonded.

How much does insurance cost?

Get an understanding of what factors go into the price of your insurance policy and cost.

What is Startup Insurance?

Get started understanding your insurance needs as a startup or young business.

Insurance Checklist

Find a list of insurance types for Small Business needed for your specific business or industry.

What insurance do I need?

The insurance you need will depend on the industry you’re in and the work that you do. Understanding the risks that come with your job is essential to getting the right insurance for your business. Click your industry to get a better understanding of what insurance your business may need and why.

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