Professional Liability Insurance For Social Workers

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As a professional social worker, you deal with severe issues. Even worse, often you deal with tough clientele. Because of the types of clients and situations, you deal with, your risks for being involved in a lawsuit are rather high. Even though this career choice is advantageous, you don't want to get into a situation where your personal finances are affected negatively because of a disgruntled client or a mistake. Due to the severity of the risks involved with your unique and rewarding profession, you need Professional Liability insurance for social workers. Professional Liability insurance is a type of Errors and Omissions policy that protects social workers from legal action taken against them. You may also hear it referred to as Malpractice insurance.

What Are Common Professional Liability Risks for Social Workers?

While there are many risks that social workers can face, the biggest one is negligence. Negligence can embody many things. Making a mistake can be something that happens regardless of whether you intend to or not. Even if you don't make a mistake, things can be perceived a certain way and still have you wind up in court. Think about this - let's say you are working with a troubled child and their parents. You counsel them and offer advice. The child misunderstands your advice and runs away. The parents could sue you for negligence, and without Errors and Omissions insurance, your business could be shut down. Professional Liability insurance for social workers will provide coverage for many of these kinds of situations.

What Does Professional Liability Insurance for Social Workers Cover?

While each insurance company will have different bells and whistles, most Professional Liability insurance policies for social work will be the same. The primary coverages included will be:

  • Negligence - Whether factual or perceived, negligence is a significant risk for social workers since you are providing a service to the public.
  • Sexual Misconduct - An unfortunate necessary coverage. A client could take a comment or moment of comfort in the wrong way and claim sexual harassment. These lawsuits can be costly and are covered by Professional Liability insurance.
  • Defense Costs - Whether you are found guilty or not you will have to pay for attorney's fees and court costs. These can rack up quickly, often to tens of thousands of dollars. Luckily, the Professional Liability insurance for social workers policy will provide this needed coverage.

How Much Does Professional Liability Insurance for Social Workers Cost?

While many factors will be taken into consideration when pricing a Professional Liability insurance policy, a social worker can expect to pay around $500 for the standard liability limit of $1,000,000 per occurrence and $2,000,000 per aggregate. Some things that could make this premium higher are claims history, higher limits, or if you own a practice and have employees. To lower the cost you might consider applying a deductible to your policy. The higher the deductible, the lower the price.

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Common Questions About Professional Liability Insurance for Social Workers

  1. Is this a claims-made or occurrence policy? Professional Liability insurance is a claims-made policy. Claims-made means that your policy must be active when a claim is reported for it to be covered. Even if you stop practicing social work, consider purchasing tail coverage in the event of past claims popping up.
  2. Do I need to be licensed to get this policy? Not all social workers are licensed so if you are practicing social work you can be covered by Professional Liability insurance.
  3. What other types of insurance do I need? As a professional social worker, you should also consider the following insurance policies - General Liability for slips and falls of your clients, Business Auto for when you are driving to and from clients, Workers Compensation if you have employees, and a Business Owner's Policy if you need to cover property as well as liability. CoverWallet has a team of highly skilled advisors ready to assist you with all of your insurance needs. Call us today for a free no-obligation quote or apply online.

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