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Your creative genius and desire to make people feel great about themselves has led you to the cosmetology industry. Whether you enjoy hair coloring, trims, or dramatic transformations, this can be a very rewarding industry. Unfortunately, there is a reason you must become licensed to do this type of work, and therefore you have some professional risks that you should consider. To reduce the impact of these risks on you and your business, purchase Professional Liability insurance for hairstylists. Professional Liability insurance is meant to provide protection for claims that arise out of your work causing an injury to your client.

What Are Common Professional Liability Risks for Hairstylists?

Even if you only do simple, quick trims on your clients, you have the potential for a claim. Consider the possibility that you become distracted by your cell phone ringing and your pocket and your hand slips cutting your client. What if you accidentally mix the wrong color hair dye while performing a color change or enhancement. Even if a client asks you for a specific color or cut, and you deliver it, there is a possibility that they will not be happy and could claim that you did not perform your job correctly. All of these things pose a risk to you and your business. Having the proper insurance program in place, especially cosmetologist liability, will help reduce the financial impact on you.

What Is Covered By Professional Liability Insurance for Hairstylists?

Each Professional Liability insurance for hairstylists policy can be tailored to your needs. Some of the common coverages you will find in this type of policy include:

  • Bodily Injury - If you end up leaving the dye on a clients' hair too long and the result is a burnt scalp, they could sue you for the bodily injury they sustained, as well as emotional distress and possibly lost wages. If your policy does not cover this, it is not the most helpful.

  • Negligence - Whether you are purposefully negligent or even if there is a perception of neglect or even oversight, your policy will likely cover this type of claim.

  • It is important to note that as technology and other things progress, not all services provided may be covered on your policy. Newly developed services, such as microblading, are often excluded. Be sure to tell our advisors at CoverWallet all of the services you provide.

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How Much Is Professional Liability Insurance for Hairstylists?

Several factors can influence pricing for Professional Liability Insurance for Hairstylists. If you have had any claims in the past, whether you have employees, and what state you operate in are just some of these factors. For a basic policy covering just yourself, pricing can start at around $300 annually with a $1,000,000 limit. Of course, if you have a deductible, this can impact the cost as well. Compared to the costs of being sued and having to defend yourself, even if are found not guilty, this premium is not very much. Even better, CoverWallet can package together with other policies that you may need such as General Liability, Workers Compensation, and Commercial Auto. Often, bundling these policies together can help save on the premium costs. Contact us so that we can discuss your unique situation.

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