What is Non Trucking Liability Insurance?

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Many may think the trucking industry is an easy way of life, but that’s not the case. Truckers spend long hours every day driving from drop-off to drop-off. The responsibility and pressure that comes with these long driving hours is high which is why insurance is mandatory. But, what happens when truckers get a day off? A lot of truckers still drive their big rigs during off hours because it’s what they are used to and it’s where they are most comfortable driving.

Unfortunately, their normal trucking liability policy doesn’t offer coverage for these moments. They need to purchase a special insurance known as Non-trucking liability (NTLI).

Non-trucking liability insurance is a liability that covers when you use your business truck for personal use like going to the bank, grocery store or your kid’s special events. Since you are not driving for business purposes, there is no coverage under your trucker’s liability or business auto policy.

Who Needs Non Trucking Liability Insurance?

Most motor carriers require non-trucking liability with owner/operators that sign a lease agreement. The agreement relieves the carrier of any financial responsibility while the trucker is off-duty driving the truck.

__You need Non-trucking Liability Insurance if:

  • You drive your truck for non-commercial purposes
  • Your motor carrier requires the insurance in a lease or other written agreement
  • You want to avoid high liability expenses resulting from an accident

__Non-trucking Liability Is NOT the policy for you if:

  • You are looking for physical damage coverage
  • You need coverage for bobtailing or driving without a trailer
  • You want insurance for the goods you haul

What Does Non-trucking Liability Insurance Cover?

Non-trucking liability insurance covers expenses associated with damage or injury to a third-party individual or business. For coverage to activate under this policy, you cannot be driving your truck for business purposes.

Some insurance companies also offer coverage for trips home after a drop-off or leaving the motor carrier. Some states consider these trips to still fall under the motor carrier’s liability policy.

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What are the Limits on A Non-Trucking Liability Policy?

The limits of an insurance policy are the maximum amount paid out per claim or policy period. In this case, the limits are the maximum amount an insurance carrier will pay for damage or injury to a third-party. This includes medical expenses, costs to replace, or costs to repair damage.

How Much Does Non-trucking Liability Insurance Cost?

Since non-trucking liability insurance is not as broad as other trucking insurance policies, it tends to be less expensive. Insurance carriers review your lease agreements, driving history, the frequency of personal driving, and limit request to calculate the non-trucking liability insurance premium.