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Malpractice vs PL for Healthcare Professionals

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Why do Healthcare Professionals Need Insurance?

There are an unlimited number of mistakes that could be made when it comes to the health care profession, but there are several other reasons that those in the medical field should have insurance:

What is Malpractice Insurance?

Medical Malpractice insurance is a type of Errors & Omissions Liability insurance that was developed specifically for the healthcare field.

It was created because in the medical field you are working on a human body and there could be a loss associated with it. With the potential for mistakes being rather high in the healthcare profession, Medical Malpractice insurance is a must.

Those who deal directly with patients like doctors, nurse practitioners, dentists, and surgeons are those that need Medical Malpractice insurance.

What is Professional Liability Insurance?

Professional Liability insurance is another type of Errors & Omissions insurance. It is different from Medical Malpractice, though, in that it provides coverage for claims due to a financial loss rather than a physical one.

For example, if you are in a consulting role and give advice that causes a financial loss to your patient or customer, this would be a Professional Liability insurance claim.

What is great about all Professional Liability insurance policies is that they all provide coverage for the settlement or judgment that may be awarded, as well as defense costs which include attorney fees and court costs.

What Should You Get as a Healthcare Professional?

When it comes time to determine what insurance you should get as a health care professional, it is important to understand your position in the medical field and which situations each policy is going to cover.

It is vital to remember the very distinguished difference between Medical Malpractice and Professional liability.

Medical Malpractice provides coverage for losses related to the human body, while Professional Liability provides coverage for financial losses. Once you understand the difference between the two types of policies, you can better determine which you need.

Here are some suggestions based on different medical professions.


As you can see, some sort of Errors & Omissions insurance coverage is crucial to every position in the medical field. As a healthcare professional, patients are depending on you to make their lives better.

If you are unable to do that or even make their lives worse, they are likely to sue you. If you don't have the right insurance policies in place, you could lose your job, your business if you own one, and even your home.

Being able to pay for any settlements or judgments that are given to the patient, as well as the expensive defense costs that come along with a lawsuit, is going to allow you to keep doing what you love. Get a quote online today with CoverWallet for whatever policies you need.

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