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Long Haul Trucking Insurance Guide

As a long-haul trucker, it's important to protect yourself and your business with insurance coverage. Learn about the insurance options available for long-haul trucking

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What Is Long-Haul Trucking Insurance and Why Do You Need It?

Long-haul trucking insurance is a financial protection contract that covers businesses that use trucks or hire independent truck drivers. It is a critical part of the trucking industry because it helps the company avoid losses resulting from truck damage, theft, or accidents. This coverage is especially important for trucks that travel more than 250 miles.

There are numerous truck insurance coverage options out there. But to make sure you are working with the ones that you need, it's essential to work with a specialized agent who will walk you through the different types of truck coverage and help you find the policy that suits your needs.

Long-haul trucking coverage offers [similar insurance coverage for truckers]( to regular commercial trucking policies in some ways. It also provides additional coverage because of the special elements of this form of transportation, such as the volume of cargo, size of insured trucks, and distance traveled.

If you long for the open road, you can become a long-haul truck driver. However, this flexibility also entails additional paperwork, such as commercial insurance and licensing requirements, as well as other unforeseen costs.

Like personal auto insurance, commercial truck insurance can include a combination of collision, liability, and comprehensive coverage. But unlike personal auto insurance, commercial truck insurance demands larger coverage limits to take into account the weight and value of the vehicle as well as the cargo it transports. Below are additional types of coverages that are good to have.

How Can I Protect My Trucking Business?

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FAQs on Long-Haul Trucking Insurance

What Is Long-Haul Trucking?

Also known as over-the-road (OTR) trucking, long-haul trucking encompasses complicated administrative and logistics operations that require drivers to constantly be on the road.

Drivers haul heavy loads in huge trucks across long distances, typically 250 miles or more. Many of them even cover 1,000 miles, moving across several states. Drivers must be careful since anything can happen on the road, from gridlocked traffic to vehicle breakdowns.

They also must feel at ease dealing with the difficulties of being away from home, navigating strange terrain, and collaborating with new shippers and recipients. You'll probably enjoy the job if you like exploring different cities and getting to know new people.

What Is the Cost of Long-Haul Trucking Insurance?

For normal trucks, the national average monthly cost totals $640 to $982. But, since long-haul trucking is a riskier type of trucking, you might need more protection, and the best way to know the approximate cost for your case is to talk to a specialized agent. For a better understanding of how insurance cost is calculated, you can check our guide Commercial Truck Insurance Prices Guide.

Is Long-Haul Trucking Riskier Than Other Trucking Activities?

The answer is yes. While a long-haul trucking career has its perks, like earning a good paycheck and visiting new places, it’s among the riskiest jobs out there. Every time a driver gets behind the wheel, they are at risk. In fact, this job ranks No. 7 among the most dangerous occupations in the United States, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Long-distance truck drivers are highly prone to road accidents due to long drives and injuries while performing repairs. They may also suffer soreness and pain in their hands, arms, legs, and back due to overexertion from sitting uncomfortably for long periods.

How do I get Long-Haul Trucking Insurance?

It’s evident that long-haul trucking insurance helps trucking companies or independent contractors in many ways, from providing insurance coverage for collisions to non-trucking insurance. As a result, it’s a must-have coverage option for trucking businesses. To get started with an insurance company and trucking plans, you need to get in touch with a specialized agent. Contact CoverWallet for more information on policies or to receive a free quote.

What documents are required to get Long-Haul Trucking Insurance?

Speak to a CoverWallet insurance agent, an expert in long-haul trucking, for a complete list of documents you’ll require to take out commercial truck insurance. Below are the most common requirements to take your truck Insurance:

1. Motor Carrier (MC) Number: If you cross state lines, you'll need a Motor Carrier (MC) number and the limits of coverage required for us to file your MCS 90 (varies by state). To find out how to get your MC and DOT Numbers, check out the Trucking Authority 101 Guide.

2. MCS-150 and BOC-3 Filings: MCS-150 and BOC-3 Filings are required especially if you have just started your operations. After December 12, 2015, MCS-150 forms can only be used to update a USDOT number; they cannot be used to register for an FMCSA account for the first time. New applicants are required to use the Unified Registration System (URS).

3. Commercial Drivers License: some states will require a Commercial Drivers License, which can also lead to lower insurance rates. This CDL & Weight Class Guide will point you in the right direction to get your Commercial Drivers License.

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