Guide on How to Write a Letter to Cancel Insurance

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Saw a better insurance deal? Noticed that you are not getting the right protection from your current policy? Had a change of heart and suddenly want a different type of coverage? Planning to cancel your insurance?

When terminating an existing insurance policy, most people will wait until the policy period expires. But you can also do this by simply providing a formal insurance cancellation letter. Don’t know how to write one? Keep reading for a quick guide on how to write a letter to terminate your existing insurance policy.

When can an insurance policy can be canceled?

Giving up a policy is always easier said than done. And most people know that without it, the risk of acquiring a liability can be as high as 100%. Accidents and unforeseen events can happen anytime without warning, and the responsibilities associated with it can put a massive dent in your finances.

But still, there are instances when canceling your insurance policy is far more beneficial than paying monthly premiums you don’t consider worth it. The most common reasons for insurance policy cancellation are as follows, but not limited to:

  • You saw a more affordable insurance deal that provides better protection and wider coverage
  • You are unhappy with the plan, rate or service of your current insurance provider
  • You are moving out of the country or to a certain location that is uncovered by the company

If you fall under one of the above circumstances or have any other valid reasons to terminate your general liability, workers compensation, commercial auto or other insurance policy, this can be done by simply writing an insurance cancellation letter.

How to write an insurance cancellation letter?

First things first, before you file a formal request to cancel your existing plan, you may want to check if there are insurance cancellation provisions stated on your policy. See if there are specific instructions given by the company with regards to terminating your insurance policy. Things like to whom you should address the insurance cancellation letter or how many notice days are allowed should be strictly followed to avoid misunderstandings between you and the provider.

If there are no specific instructions regarding policy termination, then you’re ready to write an insurance cancellation letter. All you need are basic policy details and your insurer’s contact information.

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For your perusal, here’s a sample letter to terminate insurance policy:


Via Certified Mail – Return Receipt Requested

Insurance Company Name and Address (provide a contact name and department if available)

Re: Cancellation of Policy

  • Insured: (name of the insured person - found on declaration page)
  • Policy Number: (policy number - located on the declaration page)
  • Policy Period: (policy period - located on the declaration page)

Dear Sir/Madame,

Please allow this letter to constitute my formal demand for cancellation of the policy mentioned above. The said cancellation will be effective as of (DD.MM.YYYY). If there are unused portions or premiums, I request your good office to return them to my present address listed below immediately. Also, please be advised that I no longer authorize your company or any of your representatives to withdraw future premiums from any of my associated accounts.

I would appreciate receiving a written confirmation regarding this cancellation within 30 days or earlier. Please do not hesitate to contact me for any concerns or questions. Thank you and looking forward to your prompt attention concerning this matter.


Your Signature

  • (your full name)
  • (your mailing address)
  • (your telephone number)

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