General Liability Insurance Class Codes

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What General Liability Insurance Class Codes are All About:

General Liability is the broadest category of insurance, protecting a business from a variety of claims. These claims can include personal injury, property damage, and other types of bodily harm resulting from a business operation.

The whole idea behind class categorizations is that businesses that perform similar tasks are prone to similar risks. Class codes are an easy way for insurance companies to assess what type of liability coverage a business will need and how much the coverage should cost.

Each different type of business will involve varying degrees of risk; for example, a plumber will have different vulnerabilities than a real estate broker. As such, the class codes will inform the type of insurance each specific business needs.

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How do I get a General Liability Class Code?

Code indexes are also available at the insurance agency associations of each state. However, because these classification systems exist mainly to identify exposures and matching premiums, deciphering what the codes mean and how they should apply to your business needs can require additional knowledge, and you may wish to speak to an insurance agent to get more information.

Here is an online list of ISO classification codes for General Liability, which you can search to find the classification most appropriate to your business.

How are Businesses Classified for a Class Code?

Insurance companies will assign General Liability Class Codes based on the industry and services that a business routinely performs. Each business will have different codes, and coverage needs based on the services they provide and the specific risks that come along with them.

Becoming familiar with these codes is important for businesses as well as insurance brokers and agencies as insurance companies may use General Liability Class Codes to deny coverage. Insurance companies may also establish exclusions, which are effectively denials of coverage for specific hazards or damages from activities considered to be outside of a business’s established class code.

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What is the Standard Class Code Used?

The standard classification associated with General Liability policies is from Insurance Services Office, Inc. (ISO). However, other existing classifications include the Standard Insurance Classification (SIC) and the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI).

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