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Whether you're an owner operator with a single flatbed or you own a fleet of flatbed trucks, having the right insurance is crucial to keeping your trucking business rolling. Flatbed haulers can carry a wide variety of loads, making every day an adventure but also introducing some unique risks. Your commercial truck insurance can cover your business-related liability as well as provide coverage for your truck itself and coverage for your cargo.

What does Flatbed Truck Insurance cover?

The coverage provided by your flatbed truck insurance policy can vary, depending on whether you are operating under your own trucking authority or under a fleet's authority. If you're operating under a fleet's authority, the insurance policy for the fleet will provide your liability coverage in many situations. However, you may still require non-trucking liability coverage, or bobtail coverage, if the truck is operated while not under dispatch or does not have a trailer attached.

Additionally, your flatbed truck insurance policy can provide physical damage coverage for the truck itself, which can help cover the cost of damage due to auto accidents or even for other types of damage, such as fire, theft, or vandalism.

Cargo insurance is another important element of a flatbed truck insurance policy and can provide coverage for lost or damaged cargo.

How much does Flatbed Truck Insurance cost?

The rates for flatbed truck insurance are often unique for your business because your coverage is customized to your needs, including the coverage limits you choose and the types of coverages you choose for your flatbed trucking business. Insurers look at some key considerations when establishing rates. Factors such as your driving record and your claims history are weighed when setting a premium for your policy. Additional policies can help reduce your overall insurance cost through discounts available for bundling coverages with one insurance provider.

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Other Key Coverages for Flatbed Truck Businesses

Whether you're an owner-operator or you own a fleet of flatbeds, there are some additional coverages you'll need to fully protect your trucking business.

Commercial general liability insurance is the cornerstone of any business insurance coverage solution, even for those businesses that do most of their business on the road. A commercial general liability insurance policy protects your business against a number of common non-auto related risks and can be combined with commercial property insurance, which can protect your garage, business equipment, and supplies.

How to save on Flatbed Truck Insurance

Safe driving is often an important key to earning lower insurance rates. However, you can also save by bundling your key coverages into a commercial package policy, which makes your coverage easier to manage and often earns additional discounts because you're combining the coverages under one commercial package policy. To get started, just reach out to CoverWallet’s experienced insurance agents for a no-obligation quote from leading insurance providers.

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