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Bobtail Insurance Cost: How Much Is It?

Are you interested in bobtail insurance for your 18-wheeler? Read on to find out the Bobtail Insurance Cost to protect your business.

If you’re a trucker who owns an 18-wheeler, you've likely considered bobtail insurance. Having the appropriate insurance prepares you for the unexpected and ensures you are covered.

Here is an overview of the bobtail insurance cost you'll need to consider to protect your new trucking business.

What Is Bobtailing?

Bobtailing occurs when a semi-truck is on the road without a trailer attached. You might drive without a trailer if you're on your way to pick up a load and don't have anything to transport to the location where you're heading.

Many people drive their trucks without a trailer, but it can be a dangerous practice. Driving without the trailer produces a different driving experience than what you might be used to. As a result, the risk of error increases.

What Is Bobtail Insurance?

Bobtail insurance provides auto liability coverage for the owner or operator after a load has been delivered and the truck isn't being used for hauling purposes.

Having bobtail insurance can help drivers when they are:

  • Getting ready to pick up a new load
  • In between loads
  • On their way home after their last drop

Bobtail insurance doesn't cover the cost of damage to your truck in these scenarios. But it can go toward things like medical bills, legal fees, and repairs if an accident occurs.

Read this article for more information about bobtail insurance.

Bobtail Insurance Cost

Bobtail insurance costs will vary greatly. Monthly insurance costs can range from $29-$99 a month and $348-$1,188 a year.

The cost of bobtail insurance depends on various factors, such as your driving history, coverage limit, and the extent of trailer-less use.

You also need to purchase non-trucking liability insurance in addition to bobtail insurance if you have a commercial truck. When you use your truck for personal purposes, this insurance will protect you in case of an accident.

The following table displays the various prices for non-trucking liability insurance as reported by several websites:

Bobtail insurance cost per month Bobtail insurance cost per year
$29 $348
$40 $480
$50 $600
$87 $1,044
$99 $1,188

Disclaimer: These are average insurance premiums taken from customer data over a two year period and will vary depending on the cutomser’s business. They should not be taken as a definitive cost proposal.

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8 Factors That Affect Bobtail Insurance Cost

Here is a detailed look at the top 8 factors that affect bobtail insurance cost:

1. Driving and Claims History

All insurance providers will look at your driving and claims history to determine your risk. If you're a new truck driver, insurance companies will see you as a risk, resulting in a higher premium. But if you have experience behind you and low claim history, you'll be able to qualify for a lower premium.

2. The Limits You've Requested

There are coverage limits offered by each insurance premium. For example, if you want to be covered for up to $2 million in liability costs, you will pay more than if you were to choose a $1 million policy.

3. The Frequency of Truck Use Without a Trailer

Drivers that frequently use their trucks without a trailer have a higher risk of accidents. These individuals will likely have higher insurance premiums.

4. Your Business and Industry Experience

Insurance companies will review your business and industry experience when determining your premium. Newer drivers will have a higher premium, while more experienced drivers will have a lower premium.

5. Your Annual Receipts and Turnover

Most insurance companies will review your annual receipts and turnover. These reports give insurance companies a better idea of how you're running your business and can influence the cost of your premium.

6. The Number of Trucks You Own and Operate

The number of trucks you own and operate will influence the cost of your premium. The more trucks you have, the more coverage you will need.

7. How Many Employees You Have

The number of employees you have will affect your insurance premium. Your premium cost will depend on how many drivers will be behind the wheel of the semi-truck.

8. Your Employees' Driving Records

Insurance companies will look at the driving records of all of your employees. If your employees have clean driving records, you can expect a lower premium.

5 Ways to Reduce Your Bobtail Insurance Cost

For many drivers, bobtail insurance can be expensive. Luckily, there are 5 keys steps you can do today to control your bobtail insurance cost:

1. Purchase on an Annual Basis

One option to consider is purchasing your insurance premium on an annual basis. Annual premiums will save you money in the long run. Many drivers who pay annually are able to save as much as 10%-20% on their premiums.

2. Shop Around for Policies

Don't just choose the first quote you receive. Most drivers find that they save money by shopping around for bobtail insurance premiums.

3. Keep a Spotless Driving Record

Be sure to hire drivers with a clean driving record. This shows that they are responsible, and insurance companies are more likely to offer lower insurance premiums.

4. Higher Deductibles

You can achieve a lower monthly premium by swapping for a higher deductible. Keep in mind that you will be responsible for greater out-of-pocket expenses.

5. Bundle Policies

Bundling your insurance policies can offer you more savings on your bobtail insurance.

How Do I Get Bobtail Insurance?

CoverWallet offers quality bobtail insurance for drivers. Before applying, there are 5 things you will need, such as:

  1. Contact information of the owner-operator.
  2. What type of cargo you will be hauling (not always necessary for bobtail liability).
  3. What distance you will be covering en route for delivery as well as pickup.
  4. The criminal history of the driver, if applicable.
  5. Your credit report.
  6. A history of your insurance claims for the last three years.

If you own a semi-truck, having bobtail insurance is the best line of defense to protect your assets. Bobtailing is a dangerous activity. Having the coverage you need can provide you with peace of mind. Get a free quote for bobtail insurance by calling CoverWallet today.

Gain from our trucking insurance expertise in 4 easy steps


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