What is ACORD Insurance?

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What is ACORD?

Looking for ACORD Insurance? We’ve got news for you, that’s actually not a thing. Don’t worry, you’re not alone in thinking ACORD is a type of insurance or a company that sells insurance.

ACORD is an international organization that is hoping to increase the efficiency and accuracy of data use in the insurance industry. The acronym “ACORD” stands for Association for Cooperative Operations Research and Development.

ACORD develops a number of industry standards for data acquisition and use. These standards have been adopted by hundreds of insurance companies all around the world. A large part of ACORD’s work is in the development and distribution of various, reusable insurance industry documents.

The association provides hundreds of different standardized insurance documents. Materials range from Certificates of Insurance to documents for specific states, such as a form for the Louisiana Property Supplement - Hurricane Loss Mitigation Survey.

If a document aligns to ACORD’s standards, it will have “ACORD” stamped on the top left corner of the document. The insurance agency information will be located just below this, often within a text box.

Should I care if a document is ACORD approved?

Documents don’t need to be ACORD approved to be accepted, but they are highly secure and internationally recognized. This is because ACORD documents represent a coordinated, community effort by a large number of industry experts.

ACORD documents help prevent a chaotic situation, where different insurance companies are creating their documents for every insurance product or need. Instead, ACORD documents ensure that, from business to business, customers are getting the same document with the same information.

Other key benefits to using ACORD approved documents include:

  • Efficiency in processing
  • Faster document validation
  • Most up-to-date document

Many businesses rely on ACORD documents, because of their industry knowledge and trustworthiness. If your insurance company is using ACORD documents, you should feel extra-secure in knowing that your business is compliant with the latest industry standards.

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