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CoverWallet’s Chief People Officer Shares Four Things You Need to Know About Hiring the Best Workers

This article breaks down four essential tips to help you hire and retain the best workers.

2 mins readNovember 17, 2022

About Kim

Kim Hall is the Chief People Officer of CoverWallet and Digital Client Solutions. In her role, Kim is responsible for implementing the global people operations strategy to deliver the best that Human Resources offers to our employees.

Kim's main objective is to harness the best of our firm by providing talent with the best career experience. Kim joined Aon in 2019 as Global People Director and joined Digital Client Solution in March 2022. Kim brings over 20 years of industry expertise to the role and previously served as Vice President, HR Business Partner at Marsh & McLennan Companies.

As CoverWallet’s Chief People Officer, Kim Hall is responsible for implementing a global people operations strategy to provide the best career experience for our colleagues. We tapped into Kim’s 20 years of industry expertise to break down four essential tips to help you hire and retain the best workers.

1. Talent acquisition and retention typically come to mind for large corporations. Why is hiring and retaining workers also crucial for small businesses too?

It’s even more critical for small businesses to keep their best and brightest! Small businesses offer a community for talent not only professionally but personally. Providing talent a community of support and the opportunity to grow their careers helps retain your best workers and demonstrates to the market that you're an employer of choice. Taping into successful experiences and showcasing that in your hiring ensures future success in attracting talent for your business.

2. What are some hiring and retention tips for small businesses?

Remember that what your brand offers to your customers should also be just as important to the workers you want to hire. Think about how your brand is essential to your audience and find ways to attract talent who understand your business's value proposition. Focus on the skills and experiences needed to succeed in the roles you're trying to hire and target your recruiting efforts in markets where those individuals are.

3. How can small businesses prioritize diversity and inclusion?

For any company, whether large, medium, or small, inclusion and diversity are a business imperative. Understanding the communities you serve, making connections in those communities, and tapping into their needs is a significant first step in uncovering the talent that should represent the community and your business. Find ways to focus your recruiting efforts on seeking top talent representing every aspect of your community's people.

4. How can small businesses prioritize the mental and physical well-being of their employees?

We learned during the pandemic the importance of balance. Whether working from home or leaving loved ones to travel to the office, business owners must prioritize well-being. Lead by example and provide all the necessary tools, resources, and support to ensure workers take care of themselves first. When your colleagues are well taken care of, they can better serve customers. In addition to providing paid time off, consider organizing family days at favorite venues or other activities that your teams enjoy. Tap into your local community organizations, develop partnerships and find ways to support each other collectively.