Technological Trends

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Top 5 Tech Trends Shaping The Workplace of Tomorrow

December 14, 2021

Deyan Georgiev provides some insights on how businesses can face some of today's challenges by investing in the right technologies.

5 Important SaaS Metrics You Must Measure

November 2, 2021

Adam Enfroy explains the 5 different SaaS metrics and discusses their importance in relation to a business's success.

How Ecosystems Can Enable Claims Excellence

September 7, 2021

Robin Roberson walks us through the world of ecosystems and their essential role in enabling claims excellence.

The Future of Small-Business Commercial Insurance

August 31, 2021

Devin Partida describes how technologies and new trends are affecting the future of commercial insurance and risk mitigation.

Using NLP Text Summarization in Your Business

June 8, 2021

James Briggs discusses NLP Text summarization and how businesses can easily implement it and benefit from it.

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