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Founded in Shanghai in 1919, STARR Companies is a global insurance carrier offering a variety of risk management solutions for businesses and individuals. STARR has always been international in its presence, moving from Shanghai to Panama in 1943 under the new STARR International. Among STARR’s offerings include common commercial insurance products, such as General Liability, and more unique products, such as Political Risk coverage.

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What if I need property and general liability coverage?

That's a Business Owner's Policy

  • What does it cover? A Business Owner's Policy, or BOP, includes many of the elements of both Commercial Property and General Liability insurance. This means you’ll have your business property covered for named risks, such as fire damage or theft, and your business will be protected against third-party claims common across many different scenarios. Those third party claims can include slip and fall accidents on your property and some advertising-related claims.

  • When do you have to have it? When you start your business, you should consider both Property and General Liability policies. These two policies cover some of the most common concerns for new businesses and those which will remain a concern throughout the growth of your company. Purchasing these together through a BOP can be a good solution for nearly any business.

  • Approximate Cost A BOP can cost between $400 to $3,000 annually, or more. Costs will vary depending on your specific business, with the amount and value of your commercial property having a large impact on the premium.

Is STARR right for my business?


STARR offers coverage targeted to a large number of small businesses across different industries. When offering services, STARR looks to help businesses understand why different insurance products are well suited to that company or industry. For example, STARR provides information on which insurance products best target specific industries, such as Excess Casualty targeted to defense contractors, distributors, hospitality businesses, and manufacturers. Companies interested in a policy like a BOP will likely find STARR accommodating to their specific industry needs.

How does STARR compare?




Financial Strength

STARR operates across the globe and has a very international approach for its business. At the end of 2013, the company had $3.6 billion in gross premiums written. Although STARR specializes in property, casualty, and accident insurance, the company offers a wide range of specialty products, including those targeted to specific, high-needs industries, such as oil and gas, manufacturing, aviation, and marine. STARR offers both primary and excess coverage, both of which are well rated with A.M. Best. Although operating internationally, STARR has major headquarters in Singapore, Portugal, Hong Kong, and the United Kingdom.

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