Small business insurance from Chubb

Since first starting in 1882 as a marine underwriter, Chubb has expanded to now provide insurance products in over fifty countries. The company has an impressively expansive product line with over twenty different products covering commercial business, and dozens more covering personal, health, life, and reinsurance. Millions of businesses worldwide trust Chubb to insure their business against a growing number of liability concerns.

I want a Business Owners Policy from Chubb that starts today.

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What if I need property and general liability coverage?

That's a Business Owner's Policy

  • What does it cover? A BOP covers the two key areas of liability for many commercial businesses, Property and General Liability. With a BOP, you’ll be able to mitigate your liability concerns associated with loss or damage to commercial property (such as those associated with theft or fire), and covers liability risks associated with third-party claims from customers or clients, such as due to slip and fall.

  • When do you have to have it? You should consider purchasing both Property and General Liability at the start of your business venture, particularly if you have a storefront or regularly interact with clients. As a BOP combines aspects of both, it’s a good solution for many business owners.

  • Approximate Cost Costs can range from as low as $400 to over $3000 annually. Covered property can influence premium cost.

Is Chubb right for my business?


Chubb has insurance solutions for companies in nearly every industry. Businesses across industries in construction, food, law, services, technology and even wineries currently utilize Chubb’s liability coverage. New companies that may be particularly concerned about liability concerns in the early stages that can be covered by a Business Owners Policy, which Chubb provides to businesses across the U.S.

How does Chubb compare?




Financial Strength

Headquartered in its Zurich, Switzerland, Chubb’s New York roots are now highlighted by its increasingly international presence. Chubb maintains solid financial and customer service ratings, and is known for its lower-than-average number of complaints based on the industry averages, J.D. Power also ranks Chubb well in several key areas, including Property Insurance. The majority of Chubb’s business is in the U.S. (over 60%), though Chubb writes billions of dollars in premiums to customers worldwide.

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