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What Insurance Do Yoga Teacher Need?

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Yoga Teachers and insurance connect?

Yoga instructors are fitness professionals who teach yoga, a type of exercise that combines body poses with stretching and breathing techniques to help clients improve their strength and flexibility. Yoga is known for its psychological benefits as well as increasing physical fitness, and many people take yoga to relax and focus on channeling positive energy. Yoga teachers must complete extensive training before teaching their own classes, and many double as personal trainers or teach other types of fitness as well.

Many yoga instructors are entrepreneurs with their own studios, train in a gym or conduct personal sessions at their home. As business owners, they need insurance to protect themselves in the case of an accident, unhappy customer or unexpected issues beyond their control. Yoga instructors must make the health and safety of their students a top priority.

What are the risks associated with being a Yoga Teacher?

Yoga instructors go through intense training over a long time, making customers trust them to lead them into new, challenging poses during class and push themselves to new physical limits. As a yoga instructor, it’s important to know human anatomy, injury prevention, health and fitness to build credibility with customers and show them you’re there to keep them safe during classes.

No matter how experienced you are, potential risks of client health and safety in your hands exist. Yoga is exercise - and no matter how many modifications you recommend, a student could still be injured and sue. As entrepreneurs and business owners, yoga instructors also face risks similar to those in other industries, from personal liability lawsuits to weather disasters that cause studio damage. Insurance is much less expensive than a lawyer, so it’s best to protect yourself from the beginning.

How can one mitigate risks for Yoga Instructors?

Before you teach your students, make sure they are in good health. Yoga teachers should be registered and qualified to teach. This provides security both for the teachers and the public. Make sure that your class area or studio is free of the risks where customers may slip and fall. Also ensure that you have the right insurance to cover most property damage, personal injury, and bodily injury claims.

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